Brazilian butt lift

05th Aug 2016

One of the most challenging parts of dealing with patients who are interested in having a buttock augmentation is setting expectations. With the new social media sites, patients are increasingly becoming more demanding and have unrealistic expectations about how big their buttocks are going to get after the procedure. They all have pictures of how they want to be transformed.

Performing the Brazilian buttock augmentation is the easy part of the process: liposuction is performed on multiple areas; then, the fat is injected into the buttocks in multiple passes for projection and to create an hourglass shape. The hard part is for the patient to understand what can realistically be accomplished with the procedure. You need to understand how big your buttocks will get after surgery and what type of shape you will get.

When it comes to buttock projection, it seems like everybody wants to have extremely large buttocks, but realistically, how big they can get depends on factors like your anatomy, the amount of fat, and your muscles, among other things. The shape you get also depends on the type of buttocks you have before surgery. An A shape or an hourglass shape might not be possible, depending on all these factors. This is why showing your surgeon pictures is only useful to determine if your expectations are realistic and see the type of shape that you want. It is impossible for any surgeon to actually transform you into your favorite celebrity. If that was the case and we were able to do that, you would see hundreds of thousands of Kim Kardashians and Jennifer Lopezes, and last time I checked, there is only one of each.

There is no question that you will have a major improvement, but the only thing I can do is reshape your body figure to result in a better you. I cannot just put a picture on the wall and do the surgery until I accomplish what you believe should be the goals of the surgery. During the consultation, I will sit down with you and discuss the different factors, including your anatomy, type of shape, and expectations, among others. I will be very honest in telling you what is realistic and what is not.

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