Brazilian butt lift aftercare

Brazilian butt lift aftercare

28th Jan 2017

Post-surgical care after a Brazilian butt lift is extremely important. Below are some aftercare recommendations I always give my patients at my practice in Houston:

  • Don’t sit for around after the Brazilian butt lift. You must follow this advice because excessive sitting two weeks after the surgery can damage the fat inserted into your butt. The fat cells re-injected into your rear end are basically grafts without any blood supply. Sitting will be allowed after the fat cells get blood circulation.
  • In order to help expedite blood flow to the fat, you should walk and stretch your legs. Staying active and moving helps in healing in addition to cutting down the risk of complications such as clot formation.
  • Your surgeon may prescribe you ibuprofen 400mg to be taken orally every six hours for several days. It will prevent excessive inflammation. You may also be told to engage in butt-stretching exercises, as they can expedite the recovery process.
  • You should make sure to wear your girdle for the recommended time period. If you want to take a shower, you can remove the girdle, but make sure to wear it again after taking a shower.
  • Your surgeon will place a drain on your back to channel away the bloodstained fluids from the surgical site. Removal of the fluids will decrease inflammation and will make the results more effective. It is equally important to measure the drain discharge.
  • Two weeks after the procedure, you may sit. However, you should use a cigar shaped cushion under your thighs to prevent pressure on your buttocks. You may also be asked to take water pills for about three days after the procedure. Swelling of the body due to fluid shifting is a common side effect of Brazilian butt lift. The water pills will help ease the swelling.
  • For the first 24 hours after the surgery, you should wear the compression garment for better recovery and to avoid clot formation. Dehydration after the surgery can be very risky, so make sure to drink lots of fluids. You may also be prescribed clindamycin for about a week. Make sure to take the medicine on time and according to your surgeon’s instructions. It will keep you safe from potential infections.

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