Brazilian butt lift and butt lift: what’s the difference?

Brazilian butt lift and butt lift: what’s the difference?

07th Nov 2018

There are many people who get confused when they hear the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift. There are also others who consider both of these procedures as the same. The fact is that the butt lift (often referred to as the traditional butt lift) and the Brazilian butt lift are two different procedures. These procedures are used to treat two different aesthetic flaws in the butt.

If your buttocks are saggy and hanging, you should consider the traditional butt lift instead of the Brazilian butt lift. On the other hand, if your butt is smaller, flatter, or poorly shaped, you may consider the Brazilian butt lift. The steps involved in these procedures are totally different.

The butt lift procedure

The butt lift procedure is an effective treatment for excessively saggy and loose buttocks. There are many factors that can cause the buttocks to become saggy over time. These include aging, gravity, pregnancy, genetic tendencies, and weight fluctuations. If your buttocks are mildly saggy, butt implants or BBL will help treat the condition; however, if the sagginess is severe, you should consider the butt lift surgery.

The butt lift surgery makes the buttocks firmer, tighter, and shapelier by surgically removing the excess skin and tightening the butt muscles and tissues. As a result, your butt will become firmer, youthful, sexier, toned, and shapelier.

The procedure is very flexible, meaning it can be adapted according to your needs and requirements. The butt lift can be performed as a single procedure, or it can be combined with other surgeries like buttock implants. Since the size of your butt will drastically decrease after the butt lift, you may consider combining the implants with the butt lift. Gluteal implants will be inserted and placed inside the butt to make them appear bigger and fuller.

The butt lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure starts with the making of an incision on the butt. Next, the surgeon will use the incision to surgically remove the thin layer of excess, hanging skin from the butt. If needed, any excess tissue and fat that is affecting the aesthetic features of your butt will also be removed.

The plastic surgeon will then tighten up the underlying gluteal muscles so the butt appears firmer and youthful. In order to strengthen the results of the procedure, the plastic surgeon will form sutures within the tissue to keep your enhanced butt in their youthful position.

Some people prefer only upper buttock lift; however, most patients need the butterfly buttock lift or lower buttock lift. The upper butt lift is a wide-ranging surgery that involves placing the incision on the upper part of your butt. This option is good for you if your butt is severely saggy.

When it comes to the lower butt lift, most plastic surgeons prefer to use it for the treatment of mild or moderate sagginess in the butt. The procedure involves placing an incision in the lower fold of your butt in the upward direction. Under the butterfly lift, the incision is placed in the middle of the butt fold, going upward and then outward.

Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a treatment for smaller, flatter, and poorly contoured buttocks. It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. The Brazilian butt lift does not involve skin excision. Rather, it involves the addition of fat to the butt so they can appear fuller and shapelier. If you have a flatter butt and the condition is affecting your self-esteem in negative ways, you may consider the Brazilian butt lift.

Patients considering the Brazilian butt lift should have excess fat in their body that could be used as donor fat. The surgery is normally performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The common fat donor sites include the abdomen, sides, flanks, thighs, and upper back. Liposuction is used to remove the fat from these areas.

The surgery will start with the administration of a tumescent solution to the fat donor area. The surgeon will then insert a tiny hollow tube called a cannula inside the fat donor site through the incision. The doctor will move the cannula back and forth to release the fat deposits from the surrounding tissue. The excess fat will be removed from your body areas like the abdomen, sides, love handles, thighs, and upper back through liposuction.

In the second step, the fat is processed in a centrifuge and purified. The impurities, fluids, and dead and impaired fat cells would be discarded during this step. Only the healthy and best quality fat cells would be retained for transfer to the buttocks.

In the next step, the fat cells will be transferred. A special syringe is used to execute this step. The fat grafting is crucial to shaping the final results of the procedure, which is why patients must choose their plastic surgeons carefully.

The surgeon must have a good sense of aesthetics of the female body and know how to sculpt the butt beautifully. More surgical skills are not necessary. Be sure to look for higher-level skills and knowledge in your surgeon.


The butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift are two unique procedures used to treat totally different aesthetic flaws in the butt. The butt lift is a treatment for excessively saggy, hanging, and loose buttocks. The procedure makes the butt firmer, youthful, and toned. On the other hand, the BBL treats smaller, flatter, and poorly shaped buttocks, making them projected and shapelier. If you want to know which of these procedures would help treat your aesthetic problems, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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