Brazilian butt lift and buttock tone

Brazilian butt lift and buttock tone

23rd Sep 2011

The tone of the buttock depends on various factors including:

  1. Skin tone
  2. Fat
  3. Gluteus muscle

Patients with loose skin have less tone than patients with good tight skin. There is an attachment between the gluteus muscle and the skin that provides the structural support for the skin and the fat. With time, this becomes loose and your butt will drop just like your breasts. In general, this is why younger females do not have  cellulite and their butts are firmer because the attachments to the buttock are in good shape and condition at this point of their life. Injecting fat into the buttocks increases the tone and lifts the buttocks. It is like inflating a balloon.  Now, if you have significant loose skin, then, injecting the fat might not be the solution to increase the butt tone and volume. It is not the best option but a combination of increasing the volume and also excising skin is preferable.

In other words, if you have good skin tone prior to surgery, you will have a better tone after the surgery. If your skin tone is no as good, it will all depend on the excess skin.

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