Brazilian butt lift and buttocks tone

Brazilian butt lift and buttocks tone

01st Nov 2016

There are a number of factors that are used to define the tone of your buttocks, including:

  1. Skin quality
  2. Presence of fat, and amount of fat
  3. Gluteal muscle


People who have saggy skin in the buttocks area have relatively insignificant buttocks tone. The gluteal muscle and the skin are bonded together, structurally supporting the fat and skin tissues. As you age, it becomes saggy, and your rear end descends, just like drooping breasts.

Younger women generally don’t have cellulite, and their rear ends are more taut and raised. This is because the bonding of the skin and gluteal in the butts is strong. When fat is transferred to the butt of a young woman, it enhances the tone of her butt, raises it, and makes it perky. In other words, it is similar to blowing air into a
If a breast implant filled with saline solution breaks, the implant will deflate and the shape of the breast will change. The sterile saline solution will be reabsorbed by the tissues with no consequences to the patient’s health, but the silicone capsule will need to be removed, and a new implant can be inserted during the same operation.

On the contrary, it is not feasible to transfer fat to the buttocks of women who have drastically loose skin. The fat transfer will not enhance the tone or volume of the buttocks. While not an excellent choice, women with excessively loose skin may opt for a combination of skin excision and fat transfer.

In a nutshell, if your buttocks tone is of good quality before the fat transfer operation, it will be further enhanced as a result of the intervention. If your buttocks tone is poor, you may choose to combine fat transfer with skin excision, so your butt tone and volume can be enhanced.

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