Brazilian butt lift and driving

Brazilian butt lift and driving

02nd Nov 2016

During the recovery period after a Brazilian butt lift, the patient needs to follow specific instructions. Sitting is not allowed for at least two weeks after the surgery, meaning that the patient cannot drive for a minimum of two weeks. After the no-sitting period, the patient may drive. However, a cigar shaped cushion should be placed under the thighs. Also, the patient must not put direct pressure on the buttocks for at least three to four weeks. These precautionary measures are effective in boosting the results of Brazilian butt lift. I recommend these measures to all of my patients who undergo Brazilian butt lift at my facility in Houston.
Taking proper care and following the doctor’s recommendations is the only way to ensure a fast healing process and the success of the intervention.

While the pain and the discomfort after the Brazilian butt lift is minor compared to the benefits this intervention can provide the patient, not being able to drive for some time can be a daunting consideration for some patients. Making sure you know this before you undergo the procedure is crucial as someone else will need to help you with picking up the kids from school, grocery shopping, and any other activity which involves driving.



If the patient uses the cigar-shaped cushion and does not apply direct pressure to the behind for the period of time recommended, maintaining the results of the Brazilian butt lift is not a difficult task. What is also important to know is that the feel of your new and improved buttocks will be that of muscles worked at the gym.


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