Brazilian butt lift and jet liposuction

Brazilian butt lift and jet liposuction

20th Sep 2011

Jet liposuction (Water assisted liposuction) is a new liposuction machine designed to simply wash the fat away with a gentle fluid spray. It is considered a newer liposuction technique. There is a study from Germany that showed that such form of liposuction provides a very good fat harvest and the survival of the fat stays very good after being transferred. The key for a successful Brazilian butt augmentation is based on the experience in harvesting the fat, the technique used, and the fat transfer protocol. In addition, there are many lipo machines used to harvest the fat. If planning to harvest fat, it needs to be done with a technology that does not damage the fat during the process. The following are acceptable forms of liposuction machines for a Brazilian butt lift:

  1. Standard suction-assisted liposuction
  2. Power-assisted liposuction in low power mode
  3. Body jet (water-assisted lipo)
  4. Tickle lipo (similar to power-assisted lipo)

There are no additional benefits of using either of these machines. Everything is determined by the surgeon’s experience and preference.

Unacceptable liposuction machines for a Brazilian butt lift:

  1. Laser-assisted lipo (Smart lipo, Slim lipo)
  2. Ultrasonic-assisted lipo (Vaser, Lysonic)

These lipo machines will damage the fat making, thus compromising the final results of the Brazilian butt augmentation. In my , I use power assisted liposuction under a low peer setting to harvey the fat with excellent results.

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