Brazilian butt lift and traveling

Brazilian butt lift and traveling

28th Aug 2011

Many of my patients come from other parts of the country and this is a common question they ask. The post operative instructions are as important as the surgery itself.  Remember that the fat that has been processed and reinjected into the buttock behaves as a graft for the first two weeks. This means that the fat is nourished by its surrounding soft tissue, and it does not have its own blood supply yet. The fat needs to be handled with care and prolonged pressure by sitting after surgery can have a detrimental effect on the fat survival.

If you have to travel after surgery, I recommend that you stay in the area where you had your surgery for at least 7–10 days. On your way back, make sure that you walk for some time  during your flight. In addition, buy a cigar-shaped cushion. You will put it under your thighs to bump you buttock and minimal pressure will be applied to the gluteal area.

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