Brazilian butt lift and traveling

Brazilian butt lift and traveling

04th Nov 2016

My patients come from all over the United States to my facility in Houston. It is common for many of them to ask questions regarding travel after the Brazilian butt lift surgery. It is important to understand that the following of post-surgical instructions is very important for the safety of the patient, as well as sustainability of the results achieved under the procedure.
For the first two weeks, the fat cells that have been purified and reinserted into your butt are volatile, meaning that the nearby tissue feeds the fat cells because they do not yet have their own blood circulation. You have to be extra careful after the surgery. I advise my patients to avoid putting persistent pressure on their butt, because it can have unfavorable effects on the endurance of the fat cells.


It is important to rest for at least a week after the procedure, so I always recommend my patients avoid traveling for the first seven to ten days after the Brazilian butt lift. When finally ready to travel, the patient should make sure to walk for some time before getting on the flight. I also recommend my patients keep a cigar-shaped cushion under their thighs while traveling after the surgery because it will help deflect pressure from the gluteal region.

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