Brazilian butt lift for flat buttocks

Brazilian butt lift for flat buttocks

19th Jan 2018

The Brazilian butt lift is a trendy and very effective option to contour and improve your butt, in addition to increasing its size. The procedure can boost and uplift your rear end, making them shapely and fuller. After the surgery, your butt will complement your overall figure, which will further enhance your physical appearance.

The butt is one of the most important assets of a woman because they underscore femininity and fertility. Celebrities set the trend of having bigger and curvy butts, but now more ordinary women are seeking plastic surgery procedures like the Brazilian butt lift to enhance their behinds. Women with flat, small, poorly shaped, or saggy butts experience lower self-esteem, so many of them seek the Brazilian butt lift to inject life into their rear ends.

The Brazilian butt lift uses the extra fat available in different areas of your body to enhance your butt so they can look energetic, perky, sensual, and large. Women seeking round and curvy butts are increasingly using the procedure to get the butt of their dreams. The results of Brazilian butt lift are natural and the procedure is relatively safer because instead of implants, the procedure uses your own body fat to help achieve your aesthetic goals.

What aesthetic problems do the Brazilian Butt Lift address?

The Brazilian butt lift is popular because it can effectively resolve many aesthetic problems, including butts that are:

• Flat

• Small

• Irregular

• Uneven

• Poorly shaped

You should consider the Brazilian butt lift if your butt is very small to accentuate your overall body shape and figure. The procedure will balance your appearance, enhancing your curves and making your rear end youthful. After the procedure, you will be able to fit into your favorite clothes properly.

The procedure

Different plastic surgeons use different techniques to perform the Brazilian butt lift. The techniques and approaches can also differ, depending on your aesthetic needs, goals, and your surgeon’s preference and experience. The techniques used to perform the surgery will affect the aesthetic results and life expectancy of the achieved outcome.

It is important to discuss with your surgeon what techniques your surgeon will use to perform the surgery. The more experienced plastic surgeons use better and tested surgical techniques and approaches because they have access to the most refined procedures and processes.

Normally, the first step in the Brazilian butt lift is the extraction of excess, unwanted fat from different areas of your body. The fat donor sites would be determined in the initial consultation, and during the surgery, the doctor will remove the excess fat from those sites. For this purpose, surgeons use liposuction, which involves the introduction of a tiny tube called a cannula connected with a suction pump inside the fat donor site through a small incision. The suction machine removes the fat set loose via the back and forth motion of the surgery.

In the second step, the extracted fat is processed for purification. This step is very important, because it involves the separation of the good quality fat cells from the poor ones. Only the good quality fat cells will be selected for injection in your butt. Remember, only 25 to 30 percent of the total fat extracted from your body will qualify for transfer to your butt after the purification process that comprises of decanting and centrifugation.

In the final step, the selected fat is micro injected in the form of fat droplets inside the buttocks. Depending on your needs, hundreds of injections of fat droplets may be administered to your butt. During this step, your plastic surgeon will bring his or her sense of aesthetics and artistic skills into action. The goal is to make the butt sensual, sexy, perky, prominent, and irresistible, and if your doctor has a good sense of these factors, the final outcome will be impressive.

Candidacy for the Brazilian butt lift

In order to qualify for the Brazilian butt lift, patients are required to meet certain conditions. One of the most important requirements for the surgery is that the patient must be in an overall good health. If you are suffering from health problems like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, blood and/or autoimmune disorders, you must bring this to the knowledge of your surgeon. These are basically red flags. If you go under the knife with these diseases, you will most likely suffer from life-threatening complications.

Secondly, you must have realistic expectations from the surgery. The Brazilian butt lift is not guaranteed to always deliver the butt of your dreams. Anything can go wrong, which can negatively affect the aesthetic outcomes. You should keep your expectations reasonable to qualify for the procedure.

Thirdly, you must have extra fat in your body, because the surgery uses your own body fat to enhance your behind. If you lack excess fat in your body, you may not qualify for the procedure. If you are a smoker, you will be required to stop smoking. Your skin quality and elasticity must also be good to help you get better results from the procedure.


The Brazilian butt lift is an effective way to enhance your butt. Women who have flat, small, poorly shaped or saggy buttocks can use the surgery to enhance their rear ends. The surgery involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your buttocks. Some of the results of Brazilian butt lift are visible right after the surgery; however, full outcomes of the procedure will be visible several months or even a year after the procedure.

In order to get better results with the surgery, you must select only a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Also, make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for a smooth recovery and better results.

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