Brazilian butt lift for men

Brazilian butt lift for men

18th Mar 2018

The Brazilian butt lift helps patients achieve a better-looking derrière. It does so by transferring the fat from the other areas of the body to the buttocks. Although it is commonly done in women, men can also opt for this kind of surgery.

The Brazilian butt lift for men and women are almost the same. The only difference is how the buttocks are shaped. For women, a rounder butt with a slimmer waist is preferred. On the other hand, men would favor a butt with more volume but not so much that it feminizes the body. Only a certified and well-experienced surgeon will be able to do this, which is why it is best to choose your surgeon wisely.

Men go for a Brazilian butt lift for different reasons. Some naturally have flat buttocks that they want to correct so that they can look more appealing to the opposite sex. There are also others who have sagging buttocks that they want to improve. Others have blemishes due to injuries or atrophied muscles. Lastly, there are some who do it because all other methods have failed them.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that will help in the improvement of the appearance of the buttocks whether you are a man or a woman. When we say Brazilian butt lift, the first patients that come to mind are the women. This is because they are the most common patients for a procedure of this nature but it is also possible for men to undertake this surgery. The men who will undergo the Brazilian butt lift do not necessarily desire the same results as the women who go through this operation. Although the shape and size may be different, the Brazilian butt lift surgery is similar for both men and women in several aspects.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift procedure for women and men is the same. It will involve liposuction of subcutaneous fat, purification of the fat and then injection of the fat into the buttocks. Similarly, the post-operative care advised by surgeons to the patients is also the same. Patients are instructed not to put pressure on their buttocks by not sitting on them or lying down on their backs for 2 weeks or more.

The only difference is the result of the procedure. The goal of the Brazilian butt lift in women is to attain a slimmer waist and bigger, rounder buttocks. This is a very feminine shape, which is ill suited for a male build.

On the other hand, the goal of the Brazilian butt lift for men is to have a more masculine shape. This procedure is a solution to the hollows that men might have on the sides of their buttocks. These natural hollows can be filled without ending up with a feminized look. Although it is possible for the Brazilian butt lift to make a man’s body look more feminine, surgeons will tailor the procedure in such a way that the patient will only acquire more volume on his buttocks. Surgeons who are well-experienced and knowledgeable can help shape a more masculine butt for their male clients. Not only will the buttocks have a better shape but the surrounding skin will also be tightened to prevent sagging.

Reasons Why Men Go For Brazilian Butt Lift

There is an increase in the number of men who go for the Brazilian butt lift to help them have better-looking buttocks. The following are a few of the reasons why men choose to have their buttocks augmented:

  • Flat buttocks: The most common reason why men opt for a Brazilian butt lift is to put an end to their naturally flat buttocks. Genetics plays a role in the flatness of the buttocks but men generally have less pronounced buttocks than women do. Lots of women find men with shapely buttocks sexy that is also why more men wish to have them.
  • Sagging buttocks: Men could have sagging buttocks for a multitude of reasons; one of them being sudden weight loss. Nevertheless, sagging buttocks can be remedied by the Brazilian butt lift because it can help tighten the skin on the buttocks. With added volume, the skin would be stretched, and a better shape will be achieved.
  • Buttock defects or atrophied muscles: There are also some men who have buttocks with several flaws that can be attributed to injuries or accidents. If the case is not too severe, a Brazilian butt lift can help, but for others, there may already be a need to make use of implants.
  • Buttocks do not respond well to exercise: There are exercises that can help improve the buttocks but the changes are limited. Sometimes, the changes do not even occur that is why men turn to plastic surgeries like the Brazilian butt lift.


The Brazilian butt lift is very helpful in improving the shape and size of the buttocks. It is more commonly done in women but it can also be done in men. This procedure entails the suction of fat from various areas of the body, the purification of the fat, and the injection of the purified fat into the buttocks.

Although it is possible to create a more feminine body shape using the Brazilian butt lift, surgeons would not recommend that kind of butt lift on men. Surgeons who are certified and well-experienced can tailor the surgery to suit the male patient’s masculine body shape. You can expect that the buttocks will only be filled up so that it develops a better shape but not to the extent that it would be feminized.

There are different reasons why men choose to undergo a Brazilian butt lift. The most common of which is that they have naturally flat buttocks that they want to improve. Others may have sagging buttocks due to excess skin. There are also some who want to improve defects in their buttocks that might have been caused by injuries or accidents. And lastly, there are also some who find surgery as the only way to have better buttocks because they have already tried other nonsurgical methods.

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