Brazilian butt lift projection

Brazilian butt lift projection

15th Sep 2016

Brazilian butt lift projection is defined as how much your buttocks are going to stick out and how big they are going to get after any buttock enhancement

The most important factor in how large your butt is going to get is actually the skin tone. What is the skin tone? The skin tone is how tight your skin is before surgery. You will notice that there are a variety of skin tones in any given patient. The younger you are, the tighter your buttocks are. If your buttock is very tight and your skin is very tight, you are not going to get as much projection as somebody with a looser skin tone.

Why is this? Essentially, think about your skin as a rubber band. The skin is an organ that has elasticity, and it will stretch to some extent, but does not stretch indefinitely. In other words,once you start putting fat in the buttock area, the skin will start stretching, but it is going to reach a critical point where it does not stretch anymore. It does not matter if you have 1 liter of fat if your buttock skin is not going to accommodate that much fat. If your buttocks do not stretch to accommodate these large amounts of fat, your projection will never reach the level that you anticipate.

Let’s say, for example, that your buttock is extremely tight.. You put fat in and the buttock is going to start expanding. Depending on your anatomy, you might be able to inject 700 cc. In other patients, you might be able to inject 800 cc. In other words, that number that you have on your mind—what everybody wants, to have 1,000 cc of fat in each buttock—is not possible in every single patient. As a matter of fact, you can have a bigger behind with only 800 cc of fat if your buttock skin stretches significantly, because the skin accommodates the fat much better than if you have a very tight buttock. Understanding these factors in terms of the skin of your buttocks will help you have realistic expectations about how big your buttocks are going to get after surgery.

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