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Brazilian butt lift Houston

With plenty of resources on the Internet from social media sites, more and more women are becoming interested undergoing cosmetic surgeries. The expectations and demands are increasing as well. When they come to the clinic, they already have a wish picture. It’s their aesthetic goals.

Among the most commonly performed procedure is the Brazilian buttock augmentation. However, it is only the easy part of the process as other surgical methods are needed to be performed first.

Liposuction is performed on multiple areas usually on the parts of your body with an excess deposit of fat. The harvested fats will be processed using a very special technique and equipment. Afterward, the fat will be injected into the buttocks in multiple passes for projection. This technique is also essential to create an hourglass shape.

Based on my practice, one of the hardest parts is to make the patient understand what can realistically be accomplished with the procedure. You need to understand how big your buttocks will get after surgery and what type of shape you will get.

While there is no question that you will have a major improvement, I want the patients to understand from the earliest part of the intervention that the only thing I can do is reshape your body figure to result in a better you. Not because you come into my clinic and tell me what you want to achieve means that you will have it your way. There are various factors to be considered and I always take my time explaining them to my patients so they would have realistic results.

I cannot just put a picture on the wall and do the surgery until I accomplish what you believe should be the goals of the surgery. During the consultation, I will sit down with you and discuss the different factors, including your anatomy, type of shape, and expectations, among others. I will be very honest in telling you what is realistic and what is not.







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