Breast asymmetries

Breast asymmetries

27th Apr 2016

Breasts have always been a symbol of sensuality and maternity, and they are an important and very sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy. They are important to attract a partner, have improved confidence in your appearance, and make you feel sexy and desired.

Beauty is considered an asset and a tool for every woman, and many of us put more value on it than ever before. Hence, over the years breast enhancement has become one of the most wanted cosmetic procedures. Both celebrities and everyday women want to change the size or shape of their breasts for one reason or the other.

Usually, the breasts are not equal in size, as there is no symmetry between the left side of the body and the right one. Statistics show that usually the left breast is bigger than the other. This is natural, so there is nothing wrong with the breast and most of the time there is also nothing to be done to correct it, especially if the difference between the two breasts is barely visible to the naked eye.

It is important to mention that a woman’s breasts don’t develop at the same time; one of them can develop sooner, leaving an asymmetry between breasts. As we say, breasts are sisters, not twins, and we should all be aware of this before asking for a breast enhancement procedure.

However, breast asymmetry is a determining factor in many women’s choice to see a plastic surgeon in the first place.

The advantages of a breast enhancement procedure:

Regular breasts and breasts with implants will look different, even if they are the same size. The implants will give your breasts a fuller and rounder appearance and, of course, they won’t sag as natural breasts tend to do with age.

Most women consider these differences to improve their appearance. If you feel bothered by the shape or the reduced dimensions of your breasts, breast enhancement can open new possibilities for you and give you the chance to improve the way you look. But it is important to mention that even with the breast enhancement procedure, your breasts will still not be twins. It all depends on the inherent differences you started off with.

There are three types of breast asymmetry:

–   When the difference is barely visible

–   When one breast is significantly different in size from the other

–   When there is a congenital malformation like a constricted breast or a syndrome like Poland syndrome that affects the structures of the breast

For each of these asymmetries, there are different recommendations. For the last two, a plastic surgeon might be able to help. The doctor will discuss with you the options and the sizes he suggests for the implants. Depending on your desired result, the doctor will determine what size of implants is best, not only to achieve a sensational aesthetic result, but also to ensure your health and well-being. It is essential that the implants suit your body frame, for example, as this will prevent further complications.

However, even after the breast enhancement procedure, you should expect small differences between your breasts, as this is only natural.

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