Breast augmentation

05th Aug 2016

When a breast augmentation is performed you need to realize that the way your breasts are going to look right after surgery is not going to be the same where they are going to look couple of months after surgery. In addition, depending on the type of breast that you have and the firmness of your breast before surgery is going to be the look that you are going to have after surgery. So let me explain this to you. Let us say that you are cup-A and you want to go to a cup-C. Your breast pocket will be surgically dissected and an implant will be placed. Typically, you are going to need around a 400 cc implants to go from an A-cup to a C-cup, but because the space where the implant was placed is small initially your breast are going to look funny, very high, very round, and in some cases you are going to look like a body builder. But the skin is slowly going to stretch accommodating the new volume of the implant. In this way, you are going to have a nice shape in a few months. So let us take for example this patient, she has moderate skin tone, we put on her a 450 to 500 cc implant. Initially, the implants are high as you can see here after a week, but then at 3 weeks notice how the fullness on the top of the breast has diminished significantly and ultimately about 5 weeks, she has more round and nicer breast that does not have an unnatural look. In addition, if you have a breast that is not as firm when you put an implant ultimately the implant is going to look high, but because what is holding an implant is your breast tissue the breast will settle into a more natural look. Recognizing how your breasts are going to look right after surgery is going to be very different than the way they are going to look months after surgery as a matter of fact your breast is going to look slightly smaller because swelling has gone down too. You need to perform some massages and let the implant settle and you will notice that your breasts are going to look very nice the more it progresses and ultimately you are going to be happy with your results.

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