Breast augmentation advice

Breast augmentation advice

18th Dec 2018

Do you want to make your breasts look bigger, perkier, or rounder? You are not the only one who wants that because most women want that too. Some women want it so much that they even consider going through a plastic surgery procedure just to get it.

A breast augmentation procedure is a life-changing procedure because it can drastically change your body for better or for worse. Whether you have already gone through the breast augmentation procedure or if you are still trying to decide whether to push through with it or not, here are some useful advice you should consider.

Wait until the breasts are fully grown

Nowadays there are many young women who wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery even if they are very young. Surgeons only operate on women who are of legal age and a parent’s consent will be required for minors.

Even if the parent of the patient provides their consent, young women should still wait for their breast to grow fully. It is possible for a woman to develop the breasts that she wants as she reaches adulthood without the need to undergo surgery.

Postpone breast augmentation until after having children

Breast augmentation procedures can affect your ability to breastfeed, which is why it is advised to go through the procedure only after you are done with children. Although it is still possible to breastfeed even after you get implants, there is still a possibility that the parts of the breast needed for breastfeeding will be negatively affected. The surgery can cause damage to the breasts that cannot be repaired.

Those who are planning to have children in the near future also shouldn’t get breast augmentation because their body needs to heal first. This is a major kind of surgery, and it takes time for a patient to heal. Pregnancy also brings about changes in the body, and it also uses up the nutrients in the body if the nutrients through food are not enough.

Only work with board-certified plastic surgeons

The cost of having a breast augmentation surgery varies, and there are different factors that affect the cost of the procedure. One of them is the certification of the surgeon who is going to do the procedure.

There are some surgeons who offer breast augmentation at a very low price to attract clients even if they are not board-certified plastic surgeons. Patients should be very careful with the surgeons they select to make sure they work with experienced, knowledgeable and board-certified surgeons.

The cost shouldn’t be the only deciding factor in getting the procedure or not. There are many other things to consider such as the results of the surgeon’s previous work, their certifications, the experience of other people you know, and their reputation.

Listen to what your surgeon suggests

There are some patients who are very particular with the breast augmentation they want to have and the results they want to achieve. They might be too particular and start to dictate what type of implants to use, what incisions to have, and what results to achieve even if it isn’t the best for them.

The best thing to do is to go for a consultation with the surgeon of your choice. Through the consultation, you can tell them all your concerns and the results you want. Surgeons will be able to explain to you what things they can and cannot do. They can also suggest what breast augmentations would fit your current breasts in relation to what you want to get out of the surgery.

Although you should listen to your surgeon, you should still be given a chance to make decisions about your breast augmentation surgery. Certified surgeons will give you options on what they can do, and you get to choose what you think is best for you.

Wait for your body to recover before undergoing another surgery

In some cases, a patient is not satisfied with the result or they change their mind about the surgery. With this, another surgery can be done to improve the results.

Before you go for another surgery, you first need to let your body heal. Sometimes, the initial results of the surgery aren’t the permanent results because it still needs time for the implants to properly position. The swelling also needs to subside first before you get to see the true results.

There are some patients who grow to love their augmented breasts after they are completely healed. It takes time for the breasts to heal fully and patients should let the body heal first before undergoing the surgery because another surgery is very stressful to the body.

Strenuous exercises should be avoided

After the breast augmentation surgery, it is important to walk around to make sure the blood properly circulates, especially through your legs. If you do not move your legs, you are likely to develop clots that can cause complications and even death.

Although walking should be done, intense cardio exercise should be avoided especially right after the surgery. Intense cardio exercise may cause the breasts to bounce and that is not good for newly augmented breasts. Patients should start with light cardio exercises only and gradually increase the intensity. Most of those who go for a breast augmentation procedure will limit their exercise for up to 12 weeks after the surgery.


Breast augmentation surgery is an effective way to make your breasts look bigger and rounder. It is a life-changing procedure and those who are planning to get it should really think about it.

For those who are really decided to go through the breast augmentation procedure, there are a few useful advices to consider. These would include waiting until the breasts are fully grown, postponing the breast augmentation until after having children, selecting a board-certified surgeon, listening to your surgeon, waiting for your body to recover before going through another surgery, and avoiding strenuous exercise.

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