Breast augmentation and liposuction

Breast augmentation and liposuction

17th Jul 2018

More and more people interested in undergoing plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes ask for combined procedures. Breast augmentation and liposuction are among the most frequently performed cosmetic interventions in the world, so it is no wonder that many women want to have them done at once. In this article, we will discuss about what entails each procedure and whether combining them has significant benefits.

About breast augmentation

While there are two methods available to perform breast augmentation (implants and fat transfer), many people associate the procedure with breast implant surgery. During this intervention, silicone or saline solution implants are introduced inside the patient’s breasts, in a pocket created either in front, behind the pectoral muscle, or an in-between position called the “dual plane.” Different techniques are available to achieve an augmentation with implants. The patient, together with the plastic surgeon, will make all the decisions about incision points, placement, type, and size of the implants. The intervention is done with the patient under general anesthesia, and the recovery time depends on the patient’s ability to heal.

About liposuction

While liposuction can virtually be performed on any area of the body, abdominal liposuction is the most frequently requested procedure. There are many different types of liposuction (water-assisted, laser-assisted, ultrasound liposuction, tumescent liposuction, etc.) but the one that is deemed as the most practical nowadays is the tumescent liposuction. Its benefits are reduced bleeding during surgery and decreased swelling after the procedure. In a tumescent abdominal liposuction, the plastic surgeon will inject a tumescent solution into the area targeted. Small cannulas with a diameter no longer than 3 to 4 mm are then used to dislodge the fat and suction it. Depending on the complexity of each case (the amount of fat to be extracted), the procedure can take up to one hour or more. Liposuction is frequently used in association with other plastic surgery procedures that are meant to enhance the appearance of the body for its sculpting abilities.

Combining breast augmentation with abdominal liposuction

There are numerous benefits when it comes to combining these two plastic surgery procedures, but probably the most important is having to undergo just one general anesthesia instead of two.

These two procedures are usually combined in a package called the Mommy Makeover that targets new mothers that want to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. Liposuction can be performed instead of the tummy tuck for abdominal rejuvenation if no skin sagginess is present on the tummy.

The benefits of combined procedures

1. Recovery

Liposuction has a shorter recovery period than breast augmentation with implants. This means that by the time you have recovered from breast implant surgery, the results of liposuction will be visible as well. There is just one recovery period instead of two, and this means you don’t need to take time off work twice for undergoing these procedures. The recovery after abdominal liposuction is usually uneventful and smooth, so the patient won’t even notice that there are two areas to be concerned about.

The plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to alleviate the discomfort and antibiotics to prevent infections. Undergoing both procedures in one sitting means you will only get this treatment once.

2. Costs

Some people tend to believe that undergoing two cosmetic procedures in one setting means adding the cost of each to get the total. This is not right. When asking for combined procedures, the plastic surgeon will give you an estimate of what to expect in terms of costs. The cost will be lower than the added price for both procedures as hospital fees and anesthesia are paid for just once, not twice. This means that the cost can be up to 20% smaller than the combined fees for these interventions when performed separately. When it comes to the financial aspect, it is always a good idea to undergo multiple procedures at the same time than in different sessions.

3. Aesthetics

Breast augmentation surgery alone will improve the aspect of your chest area and give your breasts more fullness and projection. But when you associate this with a flatter and firmer tummy, the results are outstanding. These procedures performed together can significantly reshape the front of your body, giving you the desired curves and a flat stomach that speaks of youth and being in good shape.

Important considerations

The procedures can be performed together with no additional risks if the liposuction doesn’t take longer than an hour. This means that the amount of fat to be extracted is not overly large. Also, keep in mind that liposuction is a good solution to reshape the abdominal area only if you have good skin tonus and no sagginess in the area.

Breast augmentation and liposuction can be performed as a part of the Mommy Makeover package, so keep in mind that it is recommended to undergo the procedure when you know your family is complete and you are not planning an ulterior pregnancy that could affect the results of your interventions. Ulterior weight gain can impact the results of the liposuction, so make sure to watch your diet and exercise after undergoing the procedure.


Many women nowadays have discovered the added benefits of combining plastic surgery interventions in one sitting. Getting a breast augmentation and an abdominal liposuction in one operation translates into a shorter recovery period, a lower cost, and an improved aesthetic result.

It is important to choose a board-certified, highly experienced plastic surgeon to play out your combined procedures as this is the only way you can keep complications at bay and ensure a superior aesthetic result.

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