Breast augmentation and symmetry

Breast augmentation and symmetry

17th Mar 2021

Breast augmentation surgery has helped many women from countries all over the globe to get the breasts of their dreams. Having underdeveloped breasts can be quite a struggle for women, and it can lead to feeling less attractive and not very feminine, especially when the overall body figure is androgynous. The procedure is often performed using breast implants, even if nowadays it is possible to achieve a moderate augmentation in the size of the breasts also by using fat transfer.

Breast implant surgery uses silicone gel implants or implants that are filled with saline solution. Both types of implants come in different shapes and volumes, with different surface textures and profiles. This means that each patient can get customized implants, implants that will suit her anatomy perfectly. For this to happen, it is necessary to choose a talented, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his recommendations to the letter.

During the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon will take measurements of your body, including the breasts, weight, and height and will also assess the condition of the tissues of the breasts to decide what implants would be better. The type and volume of the implants are chosen depending on the aesthetic goals you want to achieve and also the particularities of your anatomy.

Some patients might be confronted with other imperfections of the breasts, aside from small volume. It can also happen for the breasts to be affected by breast ptosis and hence sagging low on the chest wall, or even with visible asymmetries. When breast ptosis is present, the plastic surgeon might decide that the suitable procedure is a breast lift with implants.

When talking about small breasts with asymmetries, the plastic surgeon might decide to use breast implants of different volumes to correct the volume asymmetries. If the asymmetries are of a different nature, such as the shape of the breasts, the position of the nipple on the breasts and so on, most of them can be corrected when breast augmentation surgery is performed.

It is important to listen to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon for the size and type of implants to be used. Nowadays the new generation of implants is called the gummy bear implants, and they have multiple benefits compared to the implants used before. They ensure a natural shape of the breasts while eliminating most of the complications associated with the use of implants in the past.

The plastic surgeon might decide to use implants of different volumes to correct a more visible breast asymmetry. It is also possible for the plastic surgeon to decide to combine implants with fat transfer in some cases. This is only possible if the patient has unwanted deposits of fat in other areas of the body that can be addressed with liposuction.

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