Breast augmentation consultation: what to expect

Breast augmentation consultation: what to expect

09th Mar 2018

With so much information available, only you would think that people go to the pre-operative consultation just to meet the plastic surgeon and schedule the date of the procedure. Of course, the reality is a bit different. It doesn’t matter how much we read about a medical topic; the details and particularities are only found out during the consultation with the plastic surgeon. So what should you expect to happen during a breast augmentation consultation?

Physical examination

To understand what you need in order to get a superior aesthetic outcome for your breasts, the plastic surgeon needs to evaluate the current breast tissues. This will also help him in determining what the optimal surgical plan will be. For example, if you have little mammary gland tissue, the surgeon might opt for a placement of the implants under the pectoral muscle and an incision in the inframammary fold. If you have more breast tissue, the placement of the implant can be subglandular, and the surgeon might choose the periareolar incision.

During this examination, your plastic surgeon will also assess if you are a good candidate for this procedure or if you should have another procedure performed, such as a breast lift.

Discussion about your medical history, hopes and expectations

Nowadays most women can undergo plastic surgery unless they are suffering from certain conditions that are associated with the heart, blood, and lungs. The plastic surgeon needs to know about your health condition and current medication, if you are taking any. Also, make sure to discuss potential allergies as this could be important in choosing the right type of anesthesia for the surgery.

Hopes and expectations will also be brought up as the plastic surgeon needs to get an idea of the aesthetic outcome you desire. This is also important in developing the surgical plan and choosing the right type of implants. You can bring and show pictures of the breasts you admire. Also, he will show you before and after pictures of other patients he performed breast augmentation on in the past to give you an idea of how you might look like after the procedure.

Detailed discussion about the surgical procedure

You will find out exactly how the procedure will be performed on you and not in general. Moreover, you will find out what you need to do before the procedure and how to look after yourself after the surgery is done.

Test of the implants recommended for your particular case

You will get to touch and even wear breast implants. The plastic surgeon will give you a tester bra, and different sizes and shapes of implants will be inserted into the bra to give you an idea of how you will feel and look after the procedure.

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