Breast augmentation first week after surgery

18th Oct 2018

Post-operative care is just as important as the preoperative stage in a breast surgery as it can make a significant difference on the results of the intervention and the recovery period of the patient.
But what are the correct measures to be taken by the patient after a cosmetic breast surgery? The surgical follow-up of cosmetic breast surgery depends on the complexity of the intervention, and also whether local or general anesthesia was used.
Many people worry about the pain after the surgery, but it is actually minimal. Also, the pain that is usually felt in the treated areas can easily be managed through pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon. With that said, you can expect some discomfort whenever you move your arms. Fortunately, it will become less and less painful as the days pass, and the pain will subside completely when the healing is complete.
After surgery, the patient must strictly follow the recuperation period if they want to get the best possible results. The recovery time is based on the complexity of the procedure. In general, those who undergo local anesthesia can resume their daily activities 48 hours after surgery. While those who were administered with general anesthesia need to rest for at least a few more days before returning to their daily routine.
Regardless of the type of breast procedure, patients are advised to follow the instructions to the letter, especially when it comes to wearing compression bandage or sports bra after the surgery.

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