Breast augmentation implant size

05th Aug 2016

Choosing the most appropriate implant for you is the most important decision when performing a breast augmentation. I have previously discussed the different measurements that I use to determine the most appropriate implant for you. Patients get confused regarding the number of cc and how this will translate into a cup size. Breast implants are sized in cc, or cubic centimeters, which is a measurement of volume. For example, if you want a 400 cc implant, there is 400 mL of volume in that particular implant.

Now, to decide which implant is most appropriate for you, I recommend watching the previous videos where I have discussed this. What I wanted to talk about today is the difference between different implant volumes and how this translates into a breast cup size. Let’s say that you want to have a breast augmentation and we determine that 400 cc implants will fit your body nicely. When I talk to my patients during consultation, I offer a range of implant sizes once they choose the implant that will fit the best. For example, if a 400 cc implant fits best, your breast can handle 425 cc, 375 cc, etc. There is no difference in cup size if you choose an implant that is only 25 to 50 cc in difference. In other words, if you choose 400 cc or 425 cc, you are going to have the same cup size. Depending on the tightness of your skin and the breast tissue, your breast is going to look fuller on the top or less natural the more volume it has.

So, for you to understand 25 cc, let me show you using this little bottle. You can see that this little bottle is 25 cc. If you add it to 400 cc, you can tell that this is not going to make a huge difference. In order to increase a cup size, meaning going from a C to a full C, there must be at least 150 cc of difference in the implant size. For example, based on your anatomy, we can use a 400 cc implant and it will take you to a full C. If you want to go bigger, you need to choose a 550 cc implant; otherwise you are not going to notice the difference. If you choose a 500 cc you may still notice a difference in cup sizes. Understanding how the implant cc measurement relates to cup size is important when choosing the best implants for you.

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