Breast augmentation initial consultation

Breast augmentation initial consultation

10th Sep 2016

Your initial consultation for breast augmentation is very critical, as it will determine your eligibility for the procedure. Your questions and concerns will be addressed during the initial consultation. Furthermore, it is a good chance to meet and establish a good rapport with the plastic surgeon who may perform your surgery. The consultation will help you assess whether the surgeon can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.
Typically, the initial consultation lasts for fifteen minutes to one hour. It is important not to feel anxious and in haste during the consultation session. It is also important to be prepared with relevant questions to ask of your prospective plastic surgeon. Be ready to honestly share your aesthetic goals and expectations with the doctor.
Fees for the initial consultation vary from one plastic surgeon to another. There are also some surgeons who offer a free consultation. It is very important to know the consultation fees and policy before visiting the surgeon. The initial consultation is your chance to interview the surgeon, and obtain as much information about the person as possible. You should also ask the surgeon what type of anesthesia will be used during the procedure. In order to prevent yourself from any possible risks, you should choose the best possible doctor that you can find.


If you have any apprehensions or doubts about the breast augmentation procedure, be sure to share them with the doctor. The most important and critical part of the initial consultation is to share your health and medications history with your prospective surgeon. It is very important to tell your surgeon honestly whether you are suffering from any diseases. Also, tell him or her about any medications you have been taking,including prescription drugs, over-the- counter medicines, and any recreational drugs use. Your surgeon will use your health and medications information to determine your eligibility for the procedure, and will take precautionary measures against any complication during the surgery.
It is also important to get the expert opinion and recommendation of your surgeon on the method or type of breast augmentation for you. The two types of breast augmentation are breast implants and fat transfer. After asking you about your aesthetic goals and overall health condition, your plastic surgeon will recommend the best course of action.


No matter what method of breast augmentation your surgeon recommends, make sure to ask what the procedure entails and what are the risks and benefits of the recommended method. If the doctor recommends you breast implants, you can ask questions regarding the implant size and type and if they would be placed below or above the breast muscle. It is also important to ask questions about the steps involved in the procedure, how much time the operation will take, things to do and avoid after the surgery, and how to expedite your recovery.
Last but not least, ask questions about the experience, skills, and certifications of your potential plastic surgeon. Questions about the doctor’s education, specialization, training, and experience in breast augmentations are very critical. Make sure to choose only a board-certified plastic surgeon to do the surgery.


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