Breast Augmentation natural results

18th Oct 2018

Over the years different surgical techniques have been developed to improve the results of the breast augmentation procedure and make the breasts look as natural as possible. In the past, the breast augmentation procedure was all about placing a breast implant behind the mammary gland. Nowadays, we can completely restructure the breasts by positioning the implant either behind the pectoral muscle or in a position called the dual plan (a part of the implant is behind the gland, another part behind the muscle).

When wanting to achieve a natural look after breast augmentation, the patient’s anatomy is the starting point. The breast implants must fit you, just like clothing should fit you. This is why the patient shouldn’t go for the consultation with a breast implant size already in mind. To achieve natural results, the size of the implants will be decided after thorough measurements are done.
In my experience, most complications after breast augmentation or unnatural results occur due to choosing a much too bigger implant size.
Just think of this like getting clothes that are too big for you: one size bigger can still look good on your body, but if you choose to go two sizes bigger, it will look unnatural. Huge breast implants on a petite patient can never look natural as they are not proportionate to the size of the thorax.
Aside from this, the skin can only stretch as much to accommodate the implant. Placing an overly large implant can lead to the overstretching of the skin on the breasts that can look unnatural compared to the surrounding tissues. My recommendation is to use an implant that fits your anatomy and dimensions.
Ulterior fat transfer injections can be used to correct the shape of the breasts and also some complications that can result after breast implant surgery such as implant rippling, implant palpability of the visibility of the implant edges.

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