Breast augmentation: need vs. want

Breast augmentation: need vs. want

16th Jul 2019


Breast augmentation is a procedure that aims to help women with underdeveloped breasts to get the breasts of their dreams that are more proportionate to the rest of their anatomy. The procedure is among the two most performed plastic surgeries in the world for many years now. This means that more and more women from all over the world decide to get rid of the emotional complexes associated with having smaller breasts and enhance their appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

Does this mean that anyone can and should get a breast augmentation? No, not really. An experienced plastic surgeon will discuss with you in detail your reasons for undergoing the procedure and whether you really “need” it or if it is just a matter of “want.” There are women with perfectly proportioned breasts that want to undergo the procedure because they want to align to a beauty ideal that entails breasts that are much larger compared to the rest of their anatomy. There are also plenty of celebrities that are famous for their breasts more than their work. Having large, sexy breasts is also associated with femininity and sex appeal, so it is normal even for patients with a moderate size of the breasts to go a size or more up. But when considering the need versus want for breast augmentation, the patient has to be aware of the risks as well as the benefits of the procedure to be able to make an informed decision. Getting breasts a size larger might sound appealing, but if you consider the costs associated with the procedure and also the potential complications, you might discover that is it not really worth it to get implants to get from a C cup to a D cup. However, if you have an A or B bra cup, chances are we are talking about a “need” more than a “want” and the plastic surgeon will advise you to get implants that will help you achieve at least a full C cup if not more, depending on your aesthetic goals as well.

Keep in mind that getting breast implants can make your appearance more harmonious and will give you a boost of self-esteem that might cause considerable improvements in different areas of your life. However, getting breast implants that are too big for your anatomy just because you think you want them can lead to health issues such as back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as other discomforts that are well-known for women with naturally large breasts. Also, keep in mind that you are not the first one to get huge implants despite the recommendations of the plastic surgeon only to have them removed and replaced as soon as possible. Getting bigger breasts implies many changes, both in terms of fashion as well as other things, and it is important for patients to be aware of these before deciding to undergo the procedure.


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