Breast augmentation revision surgery

30th Oct 2018

Breast implants are artificial objects used to enhance smaller, flatter, or poorly contoured breasts. There are many patients who ask whether their first breast implant surgery would be their last one. Well, your first breast implant surgery may not necessarily be your last one because there are a number of factors that may compel you to go for a revision surgery. Some patients opt to remove the breast implants while other choose to remove and replace them with new implants.
Normally, there is no definite life expectancy for breast implants; however, the fact is that most patients are required to remove and replace the implants, especially if they got them early on in their lives. There is a possibility that the implants will rupture or leak and wear and tear over time.
No one can tell when exactly this will occur because it differs from patient to patient. Unlike butt implants that are highly durable and can withstand immense pressure, breast implants are relatively fragile. They are exposed to ruptures and leaks. In most cases, the rupture or leakage of implants occurs more than ten years after surgery.
There are many patients who have lived with their breast implants for more than 20 years, whereas there are others who have removed and replaced their breast implants within the first 10-15 years of getting them.
Besides implant rupture, leak, and wear and tear, there are several other factors that may compel you to go for a revision surgery. Capsular contracture is one of the leading factors that cause patients to have their breast implants removed. This complication occurs when the scar tissue that typically forms after the surgery starts to contract and squeeze the implants. It causes physical pain, besides changing the shape of the breasts.
There is also a risk the implants may get infected. If this happens, you would be required to have the implants removed. You may opt to get new implants a few months after the implant removal surgery. Other complications that may trigger the need for a revision surgery include implant rippling and palpability. There is a risk the edges of the implants may be visible on the sides of the breasts or you may feel the tangibility of the implants. In these cases, you need to remove and replace the implants.
Breast implants are not for a lifetime. You would be required to have your implants removed and sometimes replaced in the future.

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