Breast augmentation surgery candidates

04th Oct 2018

The Wonder breast augmentation surgery is a modern plastic surgery procedure that enhances the breasts by adding projection and volume to them in addition to making them shapelier. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto Cortes has developed the procedure. Like all other surgical procedures, you need to be a good candidate for the Wonder breast augmentation.
So, how will your candidacy for the surgery be determined? Your candidacy will be assessed in a pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts, assess your health, take a measurement of your chest dimensions and overall height and BMI, and know your goals to determine your candidacy for the procedure.
First off, the doctor will see whether you need the breast augmentation surgery. The surgeon will take a look at your breasts and ask how the condition is affecting your life and self-esteem. If your breasts are smaller, flatter, and poorly shaped, the surgeon will then assess your overall health. Keep in mind that the Wonder breast lift is an invasive procedure that entails risks. The level and severity of the risks depend on your overall health status. Be sure to tell the surgeon if you are suffering from any health complications.
Next, the surgeon will ask questions about your aesthetic goals and complications. To be a good candidate for the Wonder breast augmentation, you must have realistic, reasonable, and achievable goals and expectations. While the procedure can enhance your breasts and make your body outline better, it will not change you into a celebrity or make you look like someone else. If you desire to appear like a celebrity after the surgery, your goal is not realistic.
In the next stage, the doctor will take measurements of your chest. He will also check your body weight and height. These measurements will be used to decide the breast augmentation techniques and implant size and shape (if implants are to be used). Moreover, the plastic surgeon will ask you in what ways the flaws in your breasts are affecting you. Be sure to share with the surgeon your concerns. After the surgery, your self-esteem will be restored. Based on the findings during the consultation, the doctor will tell you whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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