Breast Augmentation With Liposuction

18th Oct 2018

The breast augmentation procedure is performed with the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the breasts and their size. Liposuction is used to eliminate fat deposits and recontour the areas targeted. So how can these two procedures be used in combination when they seem to have opposite goals?
As you already know, I am completely dedicated to improving the overall appearance of my patients, more than correcting just one area or the other. This is why I created and perform the hourglass procedures and the wonder breast procedures. To create beautiful aesthetics of the body, we need to view the body as a whole and not as many parts that come together.
There are a few proportions that we need to consider before doing the breast augmentation, and these are the sizes of the chest, waist, and hips. If the waist is not as slim as it could be, then the breast augmentation will only add a little more sex appeal to the patient. But if I slim down the middle area while performing the breast augmentation, the results are much more impressive. Not to mention the fat that we collect from the abdominal and flanks area can be furthermore used to add more volume to the hips.
Liposuction is also recommended for patients who have significant fat on the side of the breasts and axilla. If I can perform liposuction to reduce the thickness of the adipose tissue on the level of the abdomen, flanks, back, and under the breasts, then the results of the augmentation will be more impressive even if we use a smaller size implant.
It is important for the patient to understand that sometimes a combination of procedures can provide better results than having just one intervention. Augmenting the size of the breasts while reducing the side of the breasts and axilla can give you superior results.

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