Breast augmentation with natural supplements:myth or reality?

Breast augmentation with natural supplements:myth or reality?

10th Oct 2016


Some women believe they can enhance the appearance of their breasts through natural supplements. You will see this on forums or even hear about it in the office. Why? Natural supplements receive a lot of attention because they have been advertised on the TV, Internet and even in women’s magazines. Some of the commercials emphasize on the lack of self-esteem women have due to the small breasts complex in order to promote how the supplements can enhance your life.


Alternatives to plastic surgery

It is important to reiterate that nothing is able to enhance the appearance of your breasts as effectively as plastic surgery could. Women who are looking for alternatives to the breast augmentation surgery try supplements made out of plants or seeds without realizing that most have not been verified as safe nor have they proven to be effective.

Most people who sell naturist supplements for breast augmentation fail to mention to the consumers the potential risks when consuming the natural pills. Ironically, a lot of women try natural supplements because they believe they come with no side effects and risks, unlike plastic surgery, for example. But is this true? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Theoretically speaking, natural supplements could increase the size of the breasts because some of them contain aromatic plants that have similar effects as estrogen. Take birth control pills as an example, they can temporarily augment the dimensions of the breasts because the estrogen causes fluid retention around the breasts, causing the mammary tissue to increase in volume. In this way, the natural supplements contain estrogen-like substances to enhance the breasts. But the reality is that the way it functions is not that straightforward. Like birth control pills, they also come with side effects. The problem is that, while birth control pills disclose its potential risks, natural supplements do not have a disclaimer stating what they can do to your body and health. Wouldn’t it be easier to just declare these possible complications? Yes, but these natural supplements haven’t actually been researched enough in order to get a full list of complications and risks. Also, the producers would like you to believe that something natural can’t do you any harm, even though it can.


How safe are natural pills for breast augmentation?

Some of the natural supplements that claim to increase the size of their breasts will have an effect, albeit a short-lived one. Otherwise, nobody will ever buy them. However, there are no proofs to demonstrate their efficacy and the safety of their administration, especially for long-term use.

As we have already mentioned, naturist supplements for breast augmentation have similar effects as estrogen. Hence when using them, you are subjecting yourself to some inconveniences for something that is likely temporary. In addition, estrogen consumed without the doctor’s recommendation can stimulate the growth of uterine tissue, which may lead to the development of uterine cancer. Definitely scary!

On the other hand, birth control pills and hormonal substitution therapy usually contain progesterone with the purpose of countering the effects of the estrogen on the uterus. Even today, we can’t confirm whether or not the natural supplements used for breast augmentation are interfering with fertility, menstruation, or even birth control pills. But are you willing to take this chance?


Side effects of the natural supplement pill for breast augmentation

The supplements used for breast enhancement supposedly function by inducing hormonal modifications that usually occur during puberty. These hormonal fluctuations cause the body to concentrate the fat deposits around the breasts and not in any other areas of the body.

Even if the natural supplements successfully trigger these hormonal changes, the effect is still not great. There is little to no scientific proof to confirm that the desired results of breast enhancement can be achieved through the use of natural supplements. Also, there is no assurance that the effects on your body would even last once you stop taking the supplements.

Yes, it would be great if we could just drink tea, rub some cream or take a pill and suddenly wake up with beautiful, bigger, rounder breasts. But if this was possible, then why are there still women who choose plastic surgery for the same purpose? The obvious reason being that this solution does not exist!

A natural supplement, in the best-case scenario, will do nothing to enhance the appearance of your breasts or the balance of your hormones. In the worst-case scenario, they can mess with your hormones causing serious health issues. Furthermore, women who have taken birth control pills noticed how their breasts grew a little, but the effect of the estrogen was short-lived.

Only plastic surgery can provide you with amazing breasts with the size and projection you want. More importantly, the results are permanent.



Even if they are advertised as natural, this doesn’t mean they are completely harmless or that you will get impressive results through the use of supplements. There is no sufficient research that can explain how they work and what they can trigger in your body, which means you are taking a huge risk. The natural supplements for breast augmentation can be completely useless or worse, they can lead to several undesirable health conditions.

Like we said, some of these natural supplements will contain substances that are similar to the estrogen, meaning their effects would only be temporary. Coupled with that, when estrogen is supplemented in the body without the progesterone, its impact on your health can be strong and problematic. Always make sure to check with your doctor before taking any natural supplements.


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