Breast augmentation: with or without a lift?

Breast augmentation: with or without a lift?

08th Jun 2018


The breasts are the symbol of femininity and displaying sexy boobs is the dream of a lot of women. Most of them wish to achieve this by undergoing a cosmetic surgery. Getting a breast augmentation allows women to have sexier breasts and regain confidence in their appearance.

There are women who accuse Mother Nature of not being very kind to them because of their mammary hypoplasia, which is defined by the small volume of breast. They often seek a breast augmentation procedure to improve the look of their boobs. However, the patients looking to undergo this procedure often wonder if they need an additional surgery to help them achieve the desired shape and appearance of the breasts. This additional procedure that might be necessary is the breast lift.

The breast augmentation procedure

Before undergoing this procedure, it is important to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon that can provide the results you are expecting. It is also essential to look for information about where your surgery will be performed. The medical facility that will accommodate you must meet the safety conditions as this will help you avoid severe complications that can occur during the procedure.

The experience of the plastic surgeon is crucial to the success of your breast augmentation not only because of his surgical skills but also because of the recommendations that he can make before and after the operation.

For example, an experienced plastic surgeon would never perform a procedure that will not deliver the expected results. When considering a breast augmentation, the current aspect of the breasts needs to be considered along with other factors. The initial condition of the breasts is important because it determines the surgical method and procedures that are necessary to correct the imperfections and provide a good result.

Many patients come to the plastic surgery clinic thinking that if they get breast implants, all their breast issues will be solved. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If the patient is young, with small breasts that are firm and in a normal position, the breast augmentation will be enough to provide an increased volume of the breasts and an enhanced appearance. But if the patient is more mature or already had multiple pregnancies, the sagginess of the breasts can also be present, adding a complication to the small size of the breasts. Some patients are aware of breasts ptosis and believe it will be fixed once the implants are placed while others are not even aware of the fact that their breasts are not in the perfect anatomical position.

There are numerous causes for breast ptosis, and it is not uncommon even for teenagers to be confronted with this issue if they have a hormonal imbalance or genetic inheritance.

To lift or not to lift the breasts

This is the modern day question when it comes to breast augmentation. Motivated by the desire to make more money with fewer complications, some plastic surgeons agree to everything the patient desires and invest no time in educating and explaining how things work. Other surgeons are just not experienced enough to be able to tell what the effects will be considering different scenarios. This is why we always emphasize on the necessity to choose a highly experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon when you want to achieve the best results possible and avoid unwanted complications.

A good plastic surgeon will start the consultation with an evaluation of your breasts. The details he is looking for are quality and tonus of the skin, aspect of the mammary gland, level of breast ptosis and other factors that are important for recommending the optimal treatment plan.

If the patient is diagnosed with a minor breast ptosis, the plastic surgeon might decide that the breast augmentation with implants can be performed without the lifting of the breasts. The simple insertion of the implants will correct the sagginess and elevate the breasts further to the desired position. However, if the patient has a moderate or severe breast ptosis with the nipples facing down and the mammary gland situated under the inframammary fold, then the operative plan should be different.

Inserting implants in saggy breasts is never a good solution. Not only will they not correct the sagginess, but they might even make it more obvious. We had patients that undergone a breast augmentation surgery with big implants to enhance their breasts and correct the sagginess. They were extremely disappointed with the results as their breasts drooped even lower on the chest and the implants were visible and looked like bags of sand. A revision surgery was required to correct it.

Many patients are unable to determine if they need a breast augmentation with or without a lift and this is completely understandable. The plastic surgeon has the experience and knowledge to determine this and you should not be worried if you are going in for a consultation and have no idea exactly what you need. It is their responsibility to evaluate your current anatomy and suggest the right operative plan to improve it.


The breast augmentation surgery with implants can be performed in association with a breast lift intervention if the patient is confronted with a moderate or severe sagginess of the breasts. On the other hand, it is not required to be performed in combination with a lift on patients with good skin tonus and those with minor breast ptosis as the implants will elevate the breasts naturally. To find out if you need a breast augmentation with or without a breast lift, you should contact your plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation.


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