Breast enlargement tips and tricks

Breast enlargement tips and tricks

02nd Dec 2021

Breast enlargement surgery is commonly performed nowadays as it is the only effective solution to get bigger breasts. The results achieved are permanent and easily sustainable if the patient can avoid significant weight fluctuations and an ulterior pregnancy. Here are a few tips and tricks for breast enlargement surgery:

–    Don’t smoke before and after the surgery

Smoking can be detrimental to your recovery and can also trigger complications that could otherwise be avoided. A good tip that you will get from an experienced and talented, board-certified plastic surgeon is to avoid smoking for at least three to six weeks pre-op and the same amount of time post-op. Smoking can lead to a lack of proper oxygenation of the blood, and this can cause wound dehiscence, bad scarring, and delayed wound healing. Skin and fat tissue necrosis can also be caused due to smoking. 

–    Get ice packs in the house

After the surgery, there will be a certain level of pain and discomfort, at least for a few days. Applying ice packs on the operated areas can alleviate the pain, and it can also decrease swelling that can naturally occur. The recommendation is to apply the ice packs especially in the first few days post-op for about ten to twenty minutes each time. The ice packs should be placed on a cotton cloth so they don’t cause injury to the delicate skin of the breasts and also make sure not to get the compression bra wet. Don’t keep the ice pack on the breasts for too long as this can damage the skin, so taking breaks is beneficial. However, make sure to apply ice packs at least a few times a day during the first few days post-op as the decrease in the swelling is remarkable. 

–    Order the compression bras (at least two of them) well before the surgery

After the surgery, patients need to wear a special post-op bra or a sports bra for at least a few weeks non-stop and more weeks after only during the day. It’s a good idea to order two or more bras well before undergoing the procedure to have them clean and ready when you return home. Having more than one bra is recommended as you can change them after a shower. The compressive bras need to be worn for a minimum of six weeks post-op non-stop and even more weeks after only during the day. 

–    Take the medication as prescribed by the plastic surgeon 

An experienced plastic surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and pain medication. The antibiotics should be taken every day for five days to avoid infections. Also, the pain medication should be taken as advised by the surgeon to avoid intense pain. A good tip is to take the medication before the pain sets in.

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