Breast implant natural lookâ 

Breast implant natural lookâ 

19th Oct 2019

Breast implant natural look 


The development of modern plastic surgery has led to superior results that can be achieved with few and minor complications. Moreover, the results achieved are more and more natural and it is getting more and more difficult to be able to tell if someone had plastic surgery or not. Two decades ago, just by watching a celebrity in a movie or in a magazine, you could tell they had breast implants. The breasts look like they are going to burst, all full and round and high on the chest wall, like the woman had balls inside her breasts. No trace of a natural look, just plain fake boobies.

Nowadays there are just a few patients seeking this type of result. Most patients want to get results as natural as possible and are even willing to consider undergoing procedures such as fat transfer to ensure the look is all natural.

Fat transfer is not as popular as implants because when using breast implants, we can control not only the volume of the breasts but also the shape. Moreover, the results are durable and not affected by weight fluctuations, as in the case of breast lipofilling. This is one of the reasons why breast lipofilling is one of the most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world.

To get a natural look when getting breast implants, there are a few things you need to do. Before anything else, you need to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his recommendations to the letter, especially when choosing the volume and shape of the breast implants. The results of the procedure are highly dependent on the type of implant chosen, so this is one of the most important decisions you need to make. Overly large breast implants are never a good idea if you are trying to get a natural look. Aside from an unnatural look, the patient might also be confronted with other complications if the volume of the implant is too big compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy. The plastic surgeon will recommend a minimum and maximum for the volume of the implants after performing the medical examination and exact measurements during the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation.

Placing the implants in a submuscular position is another thing that can increase the chances of getting natural results. Also, choosing implants that have a natural shape instead of silicone implants with a high profile that provide upper pole fullness and roundness of the breasts also leads to natural results.

If the patient has little breast tissue and desires to get results as natural as possible but also breasts that are significantly larger, the plastic surgeon might advise the combination of breast implants with lipofilling. This combination of procedures can be performed if the patient has an excess of fat tissue in other areas of the body that can be addressed with liposuction. 


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