Breast implant risks and benefits

Breast implant risks and benefits

31st Oct 2019

Breast implant risks and benefits


There is no doubt about it: having breasts that are underdeveloped compared to the rest of the woman’s anatomy can cause real emotional issues. The patient might feel like she is not feminine enough, not attractive enough, and with not enough sex appeal. Because of this, she might be shy or embarrassed to remove her clothes when going to the beach and even in an intimate situation. Associated with the small breast complex are multiple emotional discomforts that have one simple solution: breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation has seen a high increase in demand over the last decade due to the developments of modern medicine. However, it is important to know that the procedure has been performed following different surgical plans and with different substances and implants for over 60 years now. The new generation of implants called gummy bear implants are incredibly stable and durable and have been designed to eliminate many of the potential risks and complications associated with using breast implants.

Among the risks are capsular contracture, rippling of the implants, implant rupture, and leaking. The risk of developing a capsular contracture after getting implants is smaller now with the use of gummy bear implants and can also be decreased when using the placement behind the pectoral muscles instead of the subglandular one. Moreover, the type of surface of the implants can make a difference in reducing this risk. The rippling of the implants is more common in the case of using saline solution implants that can be over or un

derfilled. Also, this complication can occur when silicone implants that are excessively large are used on patients with little breast tissue or when the subglandular placement has been chosen. The rupture and leaking of the implants are very rare nowadays, and even if it occurs, for patients with gummy bear implants it is difficult to notice any changes in the appearance of the breasts as the silicone will stay close to the surface of the implant. Gummy bear implants will retain their shape even after rupture, and the silicone won’t spill in the breasts affecting the surrounding areas.

These are some of the specific risks associated with breast implant surgery. Often they are considered minimal compared to the benefits that the procedure can bring the patient.

The benefits of implants are breasts that are of the desired volume and shape. The patient will be able to enjoy the breasts of her dreams for a long time or even permanently. The breasts are not affected by minor weight fluctuations, but they can be affected by pregnancy if it occurs after breast augmentation surgery has been performed.

The shape of the breasts can also be easily improved with the use of implants. Patients can choose to have breasts that are round and full or with a more natural shape. 


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