Breast implant size and shapes

19th Nov 2018

I meet many patients on a regular basis who are curious as to how their breast size and shape will be after breast augmentation surgery. It is natural and understandable for patients to have this curiosity. I also encourage my patients to ask this question so that they can set their expectations and goals on the basis of my answer.
Many patients desire to improve the size and shape of their breasts with breast augmentation surgery, and the good news is that I have extensive experience in this area. I will perform your breast augmentation surgery in a way that would deliver your desired results. After the surgery, you can expect your breasts to appear bigger and shapelier. Many patients ask how I make it possible for the breasts to become more prominent and shapelier.
After knowing your aesthetic goals and examining your breasts, I will recommend either breast implants or fat transfer to the breasts. If you want to achieve large breasts, I will recommend breast implant surgery. During the operation, I will insert and place implants inside your breasts. How large your breasts will become after the procedure depends on the size and profile of the implants.
We will work together during the pre-operative consultation to choose the suitable implant profile and size for you. Implants come in different sizes and profiles, and I make sure each of my patients gets the correct implant size and profile so their desired results are achieved. I also make sure the implant goes well with your body outline, size, and height. I don’t always recommend huge breast implants to my patients because the results will appear unnatural.
On the other hand, if your goal is to achieve mildly projected but very shapely breasts, I would recommend the fat transfer procedure, provided you have enough excess fat in your body. During the procedure, I will remove the excess fat from the fat donor sites and inject it into your breasts. As a result of this procedure, your breasts will be shapelier and mildly projected. Shapelier breasts will enhance your overall body outline as well.

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