Breast implant volume

Breast implant volume

18th May 2016

I will discuss how to choose a breast implant volume. Breast implant volume goes with the implant dimension.  Let take a look at the table that Mentor corporation provide swith the implant diameters, volume and projection. We are going to use Mentor implants as an example. They have a table of with all the implants sizes. You can get these tables in my website:

There are two things that are important when choosing an implant volume. Number one, the breast base, and number two the skin tone that will stretch to accommodate the new implant volume.

Let use the following example. Let’s say that I measure your breast base an its about 11.4 cm. Let say that you decide for a silicone breast implant with a high profile implant. I will discuss the different implant profiles in the next video. If we look at the table and we are going to zoom this, for a breast base of 11.4 cm the volume is 325 cc. Now, we can determine if your breast enveloped can accommodate more than this volume. The skin elasticity in other words, how much the skin stretches will allow me to determine how much more we can increase the size of the implant. If your skin stretches significantly, then we can increase the size of the implant by about 50 cc to 100cc.

Remember the more volume the fuller your breast will look on the top. If you want look fuller and your skin elasticity allows it then you can go all the way to 425 cc or so. To determine your skin elasticity grab your breast around your areola and pull forward until it feels uncomfortable. Measure this distance. If your skin stretches more than 3-4 cm in anterior direction you can add between 50 – 100 cc. The less your breast stretch the less volume you can add. In this case the patient have an anterior pull of about 3.5 cm. So you can add between 50 – 100 cc to the 325 cc implant based on your breast base. So you can vary you implant volume between 375 – 425 cc. Now these are all measurements and guideless that does not take into consideration your desire breast cup size. As a rule of thumb every 150 cc of implant volume is a cup size. So once we have an objective breast implant size base on your measurement we can discuss if this size match your desire cup size. These are things that we need to discuss during your consultation.

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