Breast implants and traditional butt lift at the same time

Breast implants and traditional butt lift at the same time

11th Apr 2018

Nowadays, a lot of women opt for the use of plastic surgery in order to enhance the body. They go through different surgeries in the hopes of having an hourglass silhouette just like the celebrities. However, more often than not, one procedure is not enough. In order to significantly improve their bodies and achieve their goal, they do not only need one procedure but multiple procedures. Sometimes several surgical procedures are done at the same time in order to achieve what they want in a shorter span of time.

Combined surgical procedures can be done at once in order to help the patient save a little on the surgeries. The common steps in the procedures, like the administration of anesthesia, will only be done once for both procedures, thereby lessening the cost. The only drawback is the recovery period, which would be more challenging for the patient.

When you perform the breast implant and the traditional butt lift procedure at the same time, you will have visually pleasing breasts and buttocks in half the time it would normally take if you undergo both surgeries separately. This can give you the figure that you want to achieve as soon as possible, but take note that recovery will be difficult. Because you shouldn’t put pressure on the breast or on the buttocks, you will have to lie down on your side while sleeping.

The more surgeries you do, the more difficult it is for the body to heal. Although the body eventually heals, the pain experienced is also greater because the patient is feeling pain in multiple areas. This uncomfortable sensation is just too unbearable for many people. Surgeons know this and that is why they suggest that the procedures be done separately instead.

Plastic Surgery

An hourglass-shaped outline is considered very appealing for women. Many celebrities have this kind of figure, and the public is trying their best to look just as great. One of the things that can be done to achieve this sought-after silhouette is to undergo surgery. There are plastic surgeries that can help achieve the hourglass figure. These types of procedures will target and improve different parts of the body.

For the breast, there are lots of surgical procedures that can be done to improve it. Some go for a breast augmentation, while others just need a lift. It is even possible to combine both procedures to drastically improve your breasts and get the best possible results.

Similarly, there are also surgical procedures that can be done for the buttocks in order to make them look better. A traditional butt lift, the use of implants or a Brazilian butt lift surgery can be done to improve the buttocks.

Combined Surgical Procedures

Women have begun requesting to have a combination of procedures in one-go so that they only need to undergo the surgery once, yet still have multiple areas enhanced. Some combined surgeries focus on one area, but different procedures are conducted during the same operation to make it look its best. There are certain combined surgical procedures, such as the mommy makeover that require different interventions to be performed in one sitting.

The great thing about combined surgical procedures is that you only need to undergo anesthesia once. The cost may also be slightly lowered because the common procedures for the surgery will only be done once. Furthermore, the patient will only have to go through the recovery phase once. However, due to the multiple procedures performed, the recuperation period would be more uncomfortable for the patient.

Breast Implants And Traditional Butt Lift

Breast implants can make the breast look bigger and fuller according to your preference. There are different incisions that can be made in order to gain access to the breast and be able to insert the implant in its proper position. There are also two kinds of implants that can be used, either a saline filled implant or a silicone filled one.

A traditional butt lift involves the removal of excess skin or fat on the sagging buttocks to produce a smoother looking one. It is mostly used on people who had lost a lot of weight or those who have saggy skin due to aging. This kind of procedure produces long scars that may not be ideal for a lot of women.

Combining these two procedures in one setting can be done by surgeons although many advise against it. When the buttocks are surgically altered, you will be required not to place any pressure on them. This is also true for the breast. This is why those who go for both procedures at once experience a difficult recovery. They are forced to sleep on their side with supportive pillows so that they do not put so much pressure on the areas that were just sutured. When surgical sites are not subjected to much pressure, the incisions will be able to heal more efficiently.

Although surgeons can combine the two procedures, the patient’s recovery rate is still uncertain. The two procedures may be too much for the patient that is why most people will say that it would be better to separate them. Recovery can be very painful and uncomfortable when two areas of the body are affected. When the body is in pain and uncomfortable, it does not heal as efficiently.

Recovery After Surgery

The recuperation period after the surgery is very important. Patients have to make sure they recover well first before doing their usual activities. This prevents them from developing complications that can be dangerous to their health. As much as possible patients should think about their recovery when combining procedures. There is no question whether surgeons can do it or not because they can. The only problem lies on how well the patient would heal after the operation. It would be very difficult especially the days after the surgery.

If a patient does combine procedures, she should know what to anticipate. Her expectation should not immediately jump to the visible change in her physique but she should also consider the pain and discomfort during recovery. It is important not to push oneself and go through the surgery all at once. These are major surgeries and it would be best to let the body heal first before proceeding with another one.


Plastic surgery can significantly improve the body’s aesthetics. There are many surgeries that target different areas of the body. Sometimes, multiple areas need to be worked on. In order to save time and even money, some consider combining several procedures at once.

Although combining plastic surgery procedures can be done by surgeons, it is very difficult for the patient afterward. During the recovery period, it can be confusing because multiple areas are in need of attention. Pain and discomfort will also be increased.

There are surgeons who are willing to do the breast implants and traditional butt lifts all at once, but there are also some who will suggest breaking down the two procedures. This is to make sure that no harm will come to the patient and they can move more comfortably through recovery.

When multiple procedures are used, recuperating may prove difficult because of the degree of pain you may experience. It can also be very uncomfortable and confusing because each procedure may come with a different set of recovery instructions that patients should follow.

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