Breast implants and your health

Breast implants and your health

18th May 2017

The use of breast implants is common for women who want to improve the size and appearance of their breasts. Although many women have already undergone a successful breast implant surgery, knowing the potential consequences of breast implant surgery and its impact on your health is essential.

There are two available implants in the market today, which are the saline and silicone filled ones. Both of these implants are made of a silicone shell, but the only difference is the contents inside. For some women, they choose to have saline implants because they are considered safer in case of a rupture. The reason being that the saline solution is harmless to the body, which is why it will be naturally reabsorbed into the body without hazardous effects. However, the problem is that when the saline filled implants ruptures, you experience an almost immediate change in the shape of the breast as the saline leaks out of the implants.

On the other hand, when the silicone implants rupture, it is far more difficult to notice because it takes much longer to see the change in shape. Unfortunately, the silicone remains in the body. Nevertheless, the silicone will not harm the body in the event of a rupture.

Because the FDA regulates the saline and silicone breast implants, we are assured that there are no serious diseases associated with them. Although there is still a risk of developing different complications, these complications vary and do not apply to all patients.

For those who wish to undergo breast implant surgery, there are a few requirements they have to fulfill for them to be eligible for the procedure. It is important for the patient to be in good health to ensure that the surgery is not dangerous to their wellbeing and that they can heal effectively afterwards. The mere presence of implants are not the only cause of problems in the health of the patients; the surgery itself and any alterations done during the surgery is typically the cause behind most of the complications.

The breast implants do not last forever and they need to be replaced or removed entirely upon their rupture. The life span varies and some may need to replace their implants after just a few years after their surgical procedures. There are different reasons as to why the implants need to be removed or replaced, but a primary reason is the rupture of the implants.

In some cases, women may develop capsular contracture. This is the condition in which the capsule enveloping the implant hardens and tightens. This can be painful and uncomfortable for the patient. It may also cause changes in the shape of the breasts as well as rupture of the implants.

The presence of breast implants can also affect the sensitivity of the breast. It is possible to have numbness or oversensitivity within the breast due to the procedure. Overall, the development of surgery-related complications greatly affect the results of the surgery. It is important for those undergoing the breast implant surgery to be vigilant for these symptoms and any signs of complications developing.


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