What are breast implants with cohesive gel?

What are breast implants with cohesive gel?

22nd Jul 2017

shutterstock_545004490There are many terms use to describe silicone implants. There are gel implants, gummy bear implants, cohesive implants, etc. To some extent, it can even become confusing to the patient. The term ‘cohesive’ means how much a product sticks together. All silicone implants have some degree of cohesive gel, and the difference is in the level of cohesiveness. Silicone implants were more liquid a few decades ago, and how the implant held itself together was not as firm as it is today. When the MemoryGel implant came to the market, it was more cohesive than the previous generation.

Any silicone implant is a cohesive implant. The question is how cohesive it is and how well the silicone sticks together. The cohesiveness is an important factor as it determines how likely the implant will stay in place in case it ruptures. In recent years, companies have introduced higher quality implants such as gummy bear implants. The gummy bear implant is essentially a silicone implant with more crosslink, allowing the implant to have the consistency of a gummy bear candy. If you squeeze it or even remove the shell of the implant, the more cohesive it will become, and the more the silicone will stick together and maintain its form in the long run. It has also been shown that the more cohesive the implants are, the lesser the complications with regard to rippling, rupture, and capsule contracture.

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