Breast implants: over or under the pectoral muscle?

Breast implants: over or under the pectoral muscle?

02nd Nov 2018

When dealing with breast augmentation, breast implants are used in most of the procedures. Breast implants can enlarge your breast volume, lift them when dealing with minor breast sagginess, or they can be used to fix breast asymmetry. When we think about the incisions that are made, every woman will have to deal with scars. As scars will not disappear in time, a lot of questions arise when dealing with incision placement. Whether it is saline solution or with silicone gel implants, the doctor will be the one to point you in the right direction after choosing what is best for your specific case. After your first consultation, your surgeon will guide you in choosing the size of the implants, the type of the implants (saline or silicone), where to place them (over or under the pectoral muscle), and where the incision will be placed.

The pectoral muscle is highly important as it provides tissue coverage for the implant and helps in reshaping the upper part of your breast after the procedure. However, even if some people will say that the pectoral muscle will protect your implant from rupture or it will prevent sagginess, this is not true. Rupture can occur due to the age or poor quality of the implants. This is why after ten years, some patients will require a second intervention. Also, the muscles will not prevent sagginess as this can occur due to poor skin elasticity around your breasts. We can highlight some pro and cons when dealing with the implant position.

Over the pectoral muscle

One of the main advantages of placing the implants over the pectoral muscle is that the muscle itself will not put any pressure on the implant when contracted. Also, the procedure will be less invasive and easier. The recovery process can be shorter as a result and there is no discomfort around your pectoral muscle. With this type of procedure, your breasts can be brought closer together, and larger implants can be used if much larger breasts are desired. On the other hand, your breasts will not look as natural as they will look round and hard. Also, stretch marks tend to develop on the sides, the risk of capsular contracture is higher, and a future procedure can become risky regarding your blood flow around the nipple.

Under the pectoral muscle

Using this procedure, your breasts will look more natural, as basically your implant is surrounded by your pectoral muscle and breast tissue. Also, there is a reduced risk of capsular contraction, less distortion, and safer future procedures in the future. However, after ten years, you may need another procedure. You also need more time to recover, and the breasts can develop a distorted shape over time. Also, with a placement under your pectoral muscle, there is a limit in implant size. This limit is basically indicated by your natural size. Of course, your surgeon will be the one to guide you through this process and to help you make the right choice.

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