Breast implants removal: when is this necessary

Breast implants removal: when is this necessary

12th Aug 2017

Beautiful breasts are en vogue. Since half a century ago, when the first silicone implants hit the market, women started dreaming of the perfect breasts. It is a well-known and proven fact that an enhanced appearance can have an extremely powerful impact on the way we present ourselves to the public.

For more than 50 years now, breast implants surgery is a highly popular procedure in the United States and all around the world. Still, there are times when the patient or the plastic surgeon decides it is time to remove the implant completely or replace them with a new implant. This usually happens when there is a need to address implant complications such as rippling, capsular contracture, infection, and implant rupture. In some cases, the patient may opt for removal of the implants if she is not satisfied with the results of her breast augmentation surgery.

About silicone breast implants

The breast implants are made of either silicone gel or saline solution and they come in different shapes and sizes. The plastic surgeon will be the one to recommend the shape and the volume of the implant that is the most suitable for your body.

The size of the implant will be determined by the patient’s anatomy and size of the chest cavity or thorax. The surgeon will fashion a pocket behind the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscles to prevent implant migration and to allow the breast muscles to stretch and comfortably accommodate the implant. The scars are hidden in skin folds or in areas where they will be barely discernible after some time.

While big silicone implants can give you a decidedly voluptuous cleavage and a highly visible and dramatic transformation of the body, it also comes with numerous disadvantages such as implant rippling, bottoming out or lateral displacement, and a higher incidence of implant rupture.

Huge silicone implants only look good when the woman is fully dressed, not so much when she is nude. Usually, people can see the contour of the implants and the irregularities, especially on the exterior and the inferior side of the breasts.

Many celebrities are busty but most of the time, we only see them dressed, even if it is just a swimsuit. Very few can really get the chance to see their breasts up close and personal and be able to spot the imperfections.

The removal of the breast implants due to aesthetic reasons

There have been quite a number of celebrities who underwent the breast augmentation procedure, flaunting their enormous breasts on TV or in the glossies, only to have them removed a few months or years later. As we have mentioned before, having eye-popping, voluminous breast implants come at a price, that may oftentimes, be a steep price to pay. Aside from the pressure imposed on your spine, oversized breasts can affect your posture and cause pain and discomfort on the neck, shoulders and back, especially if your body built is not proportionate. We have seen a lot of petite celebrities with huge breast implants struggling with their posture.

Getting bigger implants than your anatomy allows and going against your plastic surgeon’s recommendation can create the need to remove the implants and replace them with smaller ones that will look and feel more natural.

Aesthetics also provides a strong motivation for implant removal. When big implants are inserted in a breast with little tissue, there won’t be enough tissue to cover it completely and the sides of the implant will be visible. There are plenty of women who underwent the breast augmentation surgery performed by inexperienced plastic surgeons and ended up with implants placed under the mammary gland that are visible, even for people who have no idea about plastic surgery. The only solution would be implant removal and replacement with smaller implants or repositioning implants from subglandular to submuscular.

The removal of the breast implants due to complications of the surgery

The breast implants are not medical devices bearing a lifetime warranty. Actually, no silicone product can last for a lifetime. What the silicone implants producers really guarantee is the free replacement of the product in case of rupture.

The removal and replacement of the breast silicone implants every ten years is not mandatory, but for the last 40 years, worldwide statistics indicate that most patients will need to remove and replace implants after 10 years. Each body is unique and reacts differently to the passage of time and to a foreign body inserted in the breasts.


In an overwhelming majority, the silicone breast implants are removed due to changes in the body such as sagging breasts, stretching of the skin on the breasts caused by aging, weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancy or formation of a constrictive capsule around the implant. It is very rare that an implant is replaced because it is broken or damaged.

Statistically speaking, the longer you had your breast implants in the body, the higher the probability of removing and replacing them and eventually changing the position or reducing the volume of the implant. Either way, an additional plastic surgery will be required.

Capsular contracture, implant rupture and infections that can’t be treated with antibiotics are some of the other causes that can necessitate the removal of the breast implant. Capsular contracture is a common complication of the breast augmentation procedure with breast implants. The new generation of implants have lessened the rate of capsular contracture occurrence, but it can still happen and it can’t be prevented. Capsular contracture can occur even years after the surgery was performed, while infection happens shortly after surgery.

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