Breast implants through belly button incision

Breast implants through belly button incision

09th Dec 2020

If you are not happy with the appearance your breasts, it is very easy to correct this nowadays. Plastic surgery offers affordable and safe procedures that can help you get the breasts of your dreams in a matter of hours. 

The most popular procedure performed on the breasts is breast implant surgery. The procedure entails the use of implants made out of silicone or saline solution that are inserted into pockets created in the breasts. The placement of the implants can be submuscular or subglandular, or in an in-between position called the dual plane. The surgical plan followed during breast implant surgery can be very different from one patient to the other as it is dependent on the anatomy of the patient, the expected aesthetic results, and also the type and volume of the implants used. 

One of the aspects that will be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation is the surgical approach or the placement of the incisions. When it comes to getting surgery on an area so delicate as the breasts, many patients fear being left with significant scarring. This is the reason why patients ask for different types of incision placements available to choose the one less visible.

It is important to understand that whatever the surgical approach will be, the patient will be left with scars. The location and size of the scars might be different from patient to patient, but there will be scars in all cases without exception. 

Because they fear scarring after breast augmentation surgery, many patients ask about getting implants through incisions on the axilla or the belly button. The incisions most frequently used for breast implants is the inframammary fold incision and periareolar incision. Transaxillary or transumbilical incisions are rarely used as they are associated with less impressive results.

Getting breast implants through a belly button incision can also be impossible if the patient desires a certain type of implant or bigger implants. When this technique is used, the plastic surgeon has little control and visibility over the placement of the implants and, as a result, this technique entails more risks and potential complications. 

Nowadays it is very rare for a plastic surgeon to choose, recommend, or perform a breast augmentation with a transumbilical incision. Asymmetry is just one of the potential complications that can occur after this method is used. Moreover, creating the perfect pocket to accommodate the implants is essential for the success of the procedure, and when doing the belly button incision, the plastic surgeon is unable to control the details of the pocket. If the pocket created is not of a perfect size, the breast implants can rotate and also trigger other complications. 

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