Breast implants without scars

Breast implants without scars

07th Nov 2019

Breast implants in Houston without scars


Nowadays the tendency is for patients to look for procedures that would deliver the best possible results with a minimal amount of scars left behind. Many patients come to the pre-operative consultation to ask for a breast implants surgery without scars. Well, this is not possible. The procedure performed for the breast augmentation purposes that leaves behind scars that are barely visible doesn’t entail the use of breast implants but of the patient’s own fat tissue and it is called the fat transfer to the breasts or breasts lipofilling. Practically, when this type of augmentation is performed, the surgeon collects fat with liposuction from the abdomen, thighs or flanks, processes it and then reinjects it at the level of the breasts with the help of a special syringe that only needs incisions that are no longer than 3 to 4 mm in size. So, when this intervention is performed to enhance the aspect of the breasts, we can say that the procedure is almost without scars as they are so small and barely visible after the cicatrization process is completed. However, this is not the case for breast implants surgery.

When breast implants are used, they need to be inserted into the breasts through incisions. These incisions can be performed either at the level of the areola, the fold under the breasts or in the axilla. Whatever the location of the incision might be, there will be scars, and they will be permanent.

This is important for the patients interested in the procedure to understand and accept before scheduling their intervention. Breast implants without scars is not possible; however, the dimensions of the scars and their location can be chosen so the scars can be easily masked with clothes. 

For example, if big silicon implants are chosen, the location of the incision is better to be in the inframammary fold as it will be masked by the natural crease of the skin and barely visible after healing. Big silicone implants are not recommended to be inserted using either the periareolar incision or the transaxillary one due to various reasons. The periareolar incision might not be large enough to allow an implant of a significant size to be inserted and the transaxillary incision can lead to asymmetry, especially when big implants are used.

Many patients consider the transaxillary incision as the most desirable one when it comes to the breast implants surgery. The scars are not located on the breasts but at the level of the axilla, so barely visible. However, you should know that in the medical world, the transaxillary incision is known as the “blind method” when it is used for breast augmentation purposes. It allows for little visibility for the plastic surgeon when inserting the implants and also it can’t be performed when a small correction for breast ptosis is needed too.

More than this, keep in mind that it is only the inframammary fold incision that can be used in case revision surgery is required. 

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