Breast lift and reduction

Breast lift and reduction

09th Sep 2019


The size and shape of the breasts, as well as their position on the chest wall, can change during a woman’s lifetime due to the impact of several factors, internal and external. What often happens is that the beautiful appearance of the breasts is altered by weight fluctuations, having multiple pregnancies, and the natural aging process. Even gravity plays an important role in breast sagginess, a condition that affects most women sooner or later in life.

We don’t know all the factors that can cause breast ptosis, but we can say for sure that the large volume of the breasts is one of them. The breasts consist of skin envelope, fat tissue, and glandular tissue. We also have the ligaments of the breasts that support the weight of the breasts. But these are very delicate fibers that overstretch when the volume of the breasts is too large. Also, the skin on the breasts is very delicate and hence will start sagging when the weight of the breasts is considerable. This is what is causing the early onset of breast ptosis for women with overly large breasts. 

There are many types of overly large breasts. Generally, we consider breasts bigger than a full C cup as overdeveloped, but having a D cup is rarely a reason to undergo plastic surgery to correct the size of the breasts. Generally speaking, the larger the breasts are, the more they will have the tendency to sag sooner in life. And this is how it can happen for teenage girls to be confronted with droopy breasts.

The breast lift is performed with the aim of correcting breast ptosis and getting the breasts to a normal position on the chest wall by eliminating the excess skin. But if we perform a breast lift on a patient with overly large breasts, she might end up needing another procedure later on in life as the weight of the breasts will cause the breast ptosis to occur again. This is the reason why many plastic surgeons will advise you to get a breast reduction together with the breast lift if your breasts are too large compared to the rest of your anatomy. In this way, you will get rid of the health issues often associated with overly large breasts and also manage to sustain the beautiful results of the breast lift for longer. 

The breast lift and reduction procedures are often performed together. The results achieved are not only of an aesthetic nature but also associated with increased functionality for the patient. When breast reduction is performed with the breast lift, the main difference is that the plastic surgeon will also remove a part of the mammary gland that is in excess, aside from the surplus of skin tissue. The breasts can be considerably smaller after these procedures are performed together.

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