Breast lift equals dramatically smaller breasts?

Breast lift equals dramatically smaller breasts?

29th Aug 2017

Having asymmetrical breast is normal because most women have it and live with it. If the asymmetry is quite obvious, a breast lift can help improve the symmetry of the breasts and make it look more similar to each other.

A common result of a breast lift surgery is having smaller cup sized breasts. To some women, this may be upsetting but to many, this is quite acceptable since the breasts are no longer saggy and look perkier and youthful after the surgery. The reduction in the cup size after the lift happens because the base and width of the breast can be altered to produce a rounder and perkier one. Although the cup size is reduced, the volume of the breasts remains the same.

It is only when a breast lift is coupled with a breast reduction surgery that the breast cup size can drastically be decreased. Although the breast lift itself can cause some minuscule decrease in cup size after settling, it is not as excessive as having tissues removed. You may have smaller breasts but they are in better shape and are not sagging.

Breast Asymmetry

Be assured that having asymmetrical breasts is quite normal. When the breasts are different in size, volume, shape and even position, this condition is referred to as breast asymmetry. A lot of women have it and many don’t even realize they have asymmetrical breasts because oftentimes, it is not obvious unless you really spend time studying and comparing.

However, there are some more obvious than others. While clothes can help conceal obvious flaws, it can cause poor body image and emotional distress for some women. In cases like this, we recommend that you consult with an experienced and board certified surgeon to discuss your surgical options such as breast lift.

Breast Lift For Asymmetrical Breasts

Having a breast lift can help improve the breast symmetry by reshaping the breast. Do note that there is no surgery that can produce perfectly symmetrical breasts. The breast lift procedure will be done on both breasts but each of the breasts will be altered to make them look more symmetrical. Sometimes, the lift is combined with other procedures like a breast reduction or a breast augmentation to correct other issues and create more uniformity.

Decrease In Cup Size After Breast Lift

Some women who had breast lift procedures may panic to see that their cup size had been reduced after the surgery. Some women may even blame the surgeon for their smaller cup sizes. Before you hate your surgeon for reducing your cup size, you should first know why a breast lift could decrease your cup size.

The cup size of a woman’s breast is not only based on the volume of the breast but also the width of the breast. With the breast lift surgery, the breasts are reshaped to lessen its droopiness. The droopy breasts are most likely to be flatter or wider as compared to the new perky breasts that are lifted. The perkiness of the breast is created by reducing the width of the breast and tightening the base. This may reduce the cup size of the bra but it doesn’t change the volume that the breast originally had. If there are skin or tissue issues that need to be removed, it would just be very minimal; just enough to make the breasts look more symmetrical.

The sagging skin that is removed may have also caused the breast to decrease in size. In a true breast lift, only the excess skin is removed. The surgery also deals with the re-positioning of the nipples. The breast lift can only dramatically decrease the size of the breast if a breast reduction surgery is also done. The reduction in size after breast lift is quite normal because the shape of the breasts has been modified. Although the cup size is nominally decreased, the breast will still look good because it is not droopy or sagging anymore. The previous larger cup size may just be due to the bigger width of the flat breasts.

Breast Lift Results

If the breasts are asymmetrical, one can be altered more than the other to make sure they become more symmetrical. The breasts will be reshaped to appear very similar to each other. Aside from the shape, the nipple and areola may be reoriented to create more symmetry. The areola may also need to be reduced through this surgery.

Just like in any surgery, there will be scars that will fade in time and be barely discernible since it can be obscured under the bra or bikini top. Scars notwithstanding, your breasts gets a new, aesthetically pleasing look that can be a great confidence booster. The breast feels more comfortable and lighter because it is well supported by the body in the new lifted position. Of course, there will always be unappeasable people who fixate and focus on the cup size rather than on the vast improvement of their pre-surgical asymmetries.


When a woman has asymmetrical breasts, there are surgical procedures, like a breast lift, that can help improve breast symmetry.

One breast may be reduced in size in order to compensate for the smaller breast. The reduction in the cup size of the breast is quite common for those who had a breast lift. This is because the width and shape of the breast have been altered to remove sagginess and create better contour.

For some women, the results are acceptable because the breasts are in better shape and position. Others may be disappointed because their focus is on the breast cup size rather than the overall, much improved form, shape and proportions. Be sure to thoroughly discuss the procedure with your surgeon to manage expectations, have more realistic goals and avoid unnecessary disappointments.

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