Breast Lift for new mothers

18th Oct 2018

While the joys of motherhood cannot be overstated, it also brings inevitable changes on a woman’s body. Generally, after giving birth, a woman’s breast will not revert to its original, pre-pregnancy shape, whether she breastfeeds or not. Changes in the breast size, shape and position are the resultant effects of pregnancy. In many cases, the breasts start to sag from loss of volume or loss of elasticity. The reasons are varied. It can be due to breastfeeding or simply the modifications of breast volume. The breasts increase their volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding as the milk glands start to produce the milk.
Another breast imperfection that can occur after pregnancy and breastfeeding is breast asymmetries. Breast asymmetries are usually caused by breastfeeding preponderantly from one breast. It is possible that one breast is bigger than the other, droopier than the other or flatter than the other. When this happens, the varying degrees of breast ptosis become visible and will definitely not look appealing.
Women who end up with overly large breasts aside from sagginess can have a breast lift combined with a breast reduction to remove the excess fat or excessive breast tissues to restore symmetry and balance.
The breast lift can be performed at least six months after breastfeeding has stopped because the influence of female post childbirth hormones should have waned and the breasts will not significantly change shape and size from that time onwards. My personal recommendation for women who want to have this procedure is to schedule it when they know they are done with pregnancy. An unexpected pregnancy can mean that the results of the breast lift will be altered or negatively impacted.
The breast lift surgery can be combined with a breast augmentation with implants or with a breast reduction procedure. If the patient’s breasts are disproportionately small compared to the rest of the body, breast implants can be an efficient surgical solution that can provide volume and create youthful and perkier breasts. However, allow me to insert a caveat here: bear in mind that just having breast implants may not be enough to correct breast ptosis so a breast lift surgery is still necessary. If breasts are too large, then breast reduction surgery will significantly reduce size to make the breasts aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical and proportionate to the rest of the body.

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