Breast lift for teenage patients

Breast lift for teenage patients

12th Oct 2021

It might sound ludicrous for teenagers to even consider undergoing plastic surgery when their bodies are barely developing and the effects of factors such as aging or gravity haven’t affected them at all, but there are cases when it might be recommended for young patients to undergo plastic surgery. One of these cases is when we talk about breast ptosis and the excessive size of the breasts. Breast ptosis in teenagers is associated with the overdevelopment of the mammary gland. This means that the young girl has big, saggy breasts. This can happen as soon as the breasts are completely developed. 

Many patients are wondering if it is worth getting a breast lift if the patient is in her teen years. To make a decision to go for or postpone the surgery, we need to discuss two main factors. First, we need to have a look at the long-term consequences of the breast lift, and then we need to discuss the inconveniences of having overly large, saggy breasts at a young age.

When it comes to the consequences of having a breast lift early in life, a responsible plastic surgeon will tell you about the scars and also the fact that an ulterior pregnancy, as well as weight fluctuations,  might damage the results achieved with the procedure. This means that even if you have a breast lift early in life, you might need another one later on after having children or if you have considerable weight fluctuations. Moreover, keep in mind that in some cases, breastfeeding after the breast lift might be problematic for some patients, and this is not something that we can avoid. Also, we are talking about scars that will be permanent after getting a breast lift. The scars left behind can be localized on the areola (periareolar incision), vertically from the areola’s edge to the inframammary fold, and in the inframammary fold. The number and length of the incisions required are determined by the severity of the breast ptosis and whether a breast reduction is performed at the same time with the lift.

Now that we have discussed the consequences, we also need to have a look at the inconveniences of having overly large, saggy breasts at such an early age. The young girl might be confronted with emotional complexes and develop different mechanisms to avoid showing the breasts. If the breast hypertrophy is severe, the patient might even suffer permanent damage to the spine and also experience constant back, neck, and shoulder pain. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, there is also the health aspect associated with overly large breasts that we need to consider.

What is important to do before deciding to have a breast lift or a lift with a reduction in your teenage years is to carefully weigh the pros and cons of undergoing the procedure.

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