Breast lift questions for plastic surgeon

Breast lift questions for plastic surgeon

10th Sep 2016

Let’s say that you have seen a plastic surgeon, or even before you came to a plastic surgeon, you noticed that your breasts are saggy and you are going to require more than a breast augmentation. When it comes to breast lifts, the first question that needs to be answered is how big you want your breasts to be or how full you want to be. This is because if you perform a breast lift without implants, you will end up with smaller breasts. The principle of a breast lift is to remove the skin. Breast tissue is not removed, because your breasts have more skin than breast tissue. They tend to appear bigger than what they are, but the reality is that when the skin is removed with surgery, your breasts will become much smaller; without the excess skin, what is going to provide the fullness and roundness of your breast is the breast tissue that is left behind.


If you do not want your breasts to be smaller, the other option is to perform a breast lift with an augmentation. With an augmentation, an implant of an appropriate size will provide volume that will compensate for the decrease in size from the breast lift.
So, when you come to the plastic surgeon, be prepared to answer certain questions: What type of breasts do you like? Do you want to be more natural or fuller? Do you want to have smaller breasts, the same size, or bigger breasts? Once that is determined, then, based on your measurements, the plastic surgeon will determine which breast lift technique is going to be the best option for you.


When it comes to lifting the nipple-areolar complex to the right place, a breast lift can do wonders for you, but you need to be realistic about what you want, what scars you are willing to accept, and what size breasts you want; you might need implants rather than just a breast lift to provide the size and the shape that you desire.
It is important to understand that breast implants can be placed either underneath or over the breast muscle. When the implant is placed over the breast muscle, there is more possibility for rippling because the implant can be easily felt and/or seen. It is, therefore, recommended that you choose to get the implants placed underneath the breast muscle where it gets more tissue coverage, which can be of greater help in avoiding rippling.


If you are a thin woman, your plastic surgeon may recommend smooth silicone gel implant to be placed via the dual plane method, with most of the implant underneath the breast muscle. If you are getting saline implants,overfilling the implant shells with the saline solution can decrease the likelihood of implant rippling. However, only a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon can do this, because sometimes overfilling saline implant can lead to implant rippling.


Very large implants have also been associated with rippling, meaning that if you want to avoid rippling, you should not choose very large implants.Rippling due to very large implants is common in both silicone and saline implants. Large implant strains the tissue and skin in your chest, which consequently triggers rippling. Your breast implants should be appropriately sized if you want to avoid this condition.


Rippling can occur anytime after breast augmentation; therefore, you should be careful down the road. It is important to maintain a stable weight after getting breast implants. You should not be too thin or gain too much weight.This will help keep your breast implants from rippling.


If you fall into the hands of an inexperienced and unskilled doctor, the tendency for your breast implants to ripple will multiply. Rippling of implants has also been associated with surgical errors. If you want to avoid implant rippling, you should choose only a board-certified, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeon to perform your breast implant surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon will not only recommend you the best course of action to avoid implant rippling, but also perform a high quality breast augmentation procedure with impressive results that would serve you for many years.


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