Breast lift: the limitations

Breast lift: the limitations

25th Aug 2019


A beautiful appearance of the breasts is a dream for many women. Nowadays this dream can sometimes be easily achieved by undergoing plastic surgery. However, it is not always just a procedure that is needed to correct the imperfections of the breasts, but a combination of procedures. It is important to understand that there are limitations associated with any type of surgery performed for aesthetic purposes. Undergoing plastic surgery on the breasts won’t change the way you look dramatically, especially if we are talking about a procedure such as a breast lift. 

Just like the skin in other areas of the body, the skin envelope of the breasts is affected by internal and external factors and in time can lose elasticity and tonus and become saggy. The breasts can have an empty appearance and are drooping on the chest wall. This unsightly appearance can be very bothersome for women confronted with it, especially if it occurs early in life. The breast lift comes to correct precisely this imperfection of the breasts. But there are limitations to what the breast lift can do.

The procedure aims to improve the position of the breasts on the chest wall, to correct the position and dimensions of the nipple and areola complex and to give the breasts a beautiful, natural shape. This means that after the procedure, the patient will have perkier breasts that are in a good anatomical position on the chest wall and have a youthful appearance. The limitations are correcting other imperfections of the breasts that might be present at the same time with the breast sagginess, such as breasts that are too big, too small, or with a shape different from what the woman desires. When it comes to the shape of the breasts, patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery are divided into two categories: some consider that a natural shape (tear shape) is preferable while others want round breasts with upper pole fullness. When the breast lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will re-center the glandular tissue to create perky breasts, but this doesn’t mean that he can dramatically change the shape of the breasts. In other words, if you want breasts with impressive upper pole fullness, you should mention this during the pre-operative consultation as the plastic surgeon might advise you to consider getting implants as well during the mastopexy procedure. 

The other limitation of the breast lift is related to the size of the breasts. The procedure only has an effect on the skin envelope of the breasts by removing the surplus skin and re-centering the mammary gland. The procedure doesn’t aim to increase or reduce the size of the breasts, and a normal result would be for the volume of the breasts to remain pretty much the same after the procedure. To achieve a more spectacular size of the breasts, implants can be used during mastopexy. If the patient has overly large breasts, excising a part of the mammary gland will correct this issue. 


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