Breast lift: understanding the surgical plan

Breast lift: understanding the surgical plan

02nd Jan 2020

Breast lift: Understanding the surgical plan


The breast lift is the procedure performed to restore the normal appearance of saggy breasts. It is performed by elevating the mammary gland tissue, re-centering it, and eliminating the excess of skin tissue. In some cases, the breast lift can be combined with a breast implant surgery or a breast reduction if the patient wants to correct the volume of the breasts as well. 

There are different types of mastopexy that can be performed, and the surgical plan is decided together with the patient during the pre-operative consultation. The surgical plan is created taking into consideration several factors among which we can mention the severity of breast ptosis and the anatomy of the patient. 

It is important for the patient to understand that there are no two procedures alike when it comes to undergoing plastic surgery, especially a procedure so delicate as the breast lift. This means that what can be effective for one patient might not be for another. 

When it comes to the surgical plan that is followed during the breast lift, we have multiple options.

Mastopexy can be performed with a periareolar incision. This surgical plan is recommended for breasts that are not overly affected by breast ptosis. The incision goes around the areola and is barely visible if the cicatrization process is normal; however, the breasts can be only slightly elevated when this incision is performed. The periareolar incision can also be used when implants are inserted during the breast lift. 

The breast lift with a vertical incision, also called a lollipop breast lift, is recommended for moderate or severe types of breast ptosis. As the name “lollipop” suggests, we have two incisions imitating the shape of a lollipop. One incision is the periareolar incision, circular around the areola’s edge, and the other one is vertical from the areola’s edge to the inframammary fold. 

The breast lift with an anchor incision is performed for severe cases of breast sagginess. There are three scars left behind when it is performed: one around the areola, one vertical from the areola to the inframammary fold, and one in the inframammary fold. 

If the plastic surgeon recommended combining the breast lift with implants, the surgical plan would be a bit different. Aside from the techniques performed to elevate the breasts, the plastic surgeon will use the same incisions to create a pocket under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle where he will insert the implants. By using implants during a breast lift, we can control the size and volume of the breasts, but also their shape. 

There are many women who want to achieve perky breasts that have that appealing upper pole fullness. This can only be achieved when using a certain type of implants. It is important to discuss your needs and expectations from the surgery in great detail with the plastic surgeon before scheduling the procedure for the breast lift. 

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