Breast lift vs. breast lift with implants

Breast lift vs. breast lift with implants

07th Jun 2021


The breasts play a critical role in defining the aesthetic features of women. They represent your femininity, fertility, and physical beauty. As such, many women are extremely sensitive when it comes to the aesthetics of the breasts as it comprises their size, shape, and firmness. Younger women, especially those who have not undergone any pregnancy, have firmer and youthful breasts. 

However, when women get pregnant or go through a significant weight change, the firmness and perkiness of the breasts vanish. As a result, the breasts become saggy. Furthermore, bigger breasts look more attractive and beautiful. Many women also want to have bigger and voluptuous breasts. The breast lift restores the firmness and perkiness of saggy breasts. On the other hand, the breast lift with implants not only makes the breasts firmer but also makes them more prominent and sensuous. 

Breast lift

Many women find it difficult to decide whether they should get a breast lift or a breast lift with implants. To make a good decision, you should understand the purpose and differences between the two procedures. The breast lift is recommended for women who have saggy breasts and want only to make the breasts firmer again. It is not best for you if you want to get both firmer and bigger breasts.

You should consider getting a breast lift if your only concern is the sagginess of your breasts and you do not desire to have bigger breasts. The breast lift is a major and highly invasive procedure. The plastic surgeon can tell whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Be sure to go to a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. He will examine your breasts and ask about your goals to determine whether you require a breast lift.

The breast lift is generally best for women who have moderate to severe sagginess in the breasts. If your breasts are mildly saggy, then an implant alone is sufficient to give your breasts a lift, in addition to increasing breast size. 

The breast lift is performed under general anesthesia because it is an invasive surgery that also entails surgical trauma. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will first place incisions on the breasts. Different incision techniques are used to implement the surgical plan. What technique is best for you depends on the severity of sagginess in the breasts and your aesthetic goals. The plastic surgeon can tell you best as to what incision technique is suitable for you.

The plastic surgeon will then start the operation by making the required incisions on the breasts. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will get access to the underlying breast muscles that are weaker and separated. Keep in mind that one of the leading reasons why the breasts become saggy is a separation of the breast muscles from each other. 

The plastic surgeon will then use specific surgical techniques to tighten and repair the breast muscles. After tightening the muscles, the surgeon will check whether the nipples are pointing downwards. If they are, then the surgeon will lift the nipples and place them higher on the breasts where they can look perky and firmer. Next, if the areolas have expanded, it will also affect the youthfulness of the breasts. As such, the plastic surgeon will trim the excess brown skin from the sides and reduce the areolas.

In the last step, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts. This is vital for the restoration of your firmer breasts because the leading cause of breast sagging is the development of excess skin. After removing the required amount of surplus skin from the breasts, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions.

Your recovery will start soon after the breast lift. A major part of the recovery will take place during the first two weeks. However, complete recovery can take six weeks. It is vital for the patient to be careful during the recovery period and follow the surgeon’s instructions. As you recover after the surgery, you will notice that your breasts are becoming firmer. Complete results will transpire after the swelling has disappeared and the incisions have healed. This can take many weeks and even months to happen. 

Breast lift with implants

Breast lift with implants is also an effective plastic surgery procedure that enhances the breasts by not only making them firmer but also bigger. This procedure is recommended for women who have saggy breasts and desire to get firmer and bigger breasts. It is not for you if you want to get firmer breasts alone. 

Saggy breasts look aesthetically unwelcoming and affect your femininity and youthfulness in negative ways. Having smaller breasts also does the same. To look more feminine, women want to get bigger breasts. Bigger breasts also enhance your overall appearance and body outline. If your breasts are smaller and saggy and you want to get firmer and bigger breasts, then you should consider undergoing the breast lift with implants.

However, it is the plastic surgeon who can tell you best after examining your breasts and asking you about your goals whether you are a good candidate for a breast lift with implants. The surgeon will check your breasts and take precise measurements during the consultation session. He will also assess your overall health.

Based on the findings made during the consultation, the surgeon will tell you if it is safe and suitable for you to get the combo procedure. Breast implants are artificial devices and come in two types: silicone and saline. The use of silicone implants is more common, and most surgeons prefer silicone implants over saline implants.

The silicone implant is made of a silicone shell that comes pre-filled with a silicone gel. On the other hand, the saline implant comprises a silicone shell that is filled with a saline solution after fitting the implant into the breast. Both implants are temporary and come with a warranted life of ten years on average. These implants are subject to wear and tear and can rupture or leak many years after the surgery or even earlier. When that happens, the patient should have the implants removed and can opt to get new implants.

Breast implants come in different sizes and projection options. The plastic surgeon will tell you as to what size and projection is best for you. However, it is essential to make sure that the size of the implant is not too big or too small for your breast dimensions and overall body outline. It should ideally accentuate your body outline and sit properly inside your breasts.

The breast lift with implants is also performed under general anesthesia and is more invasive and traumatic than the breast lift alone. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will first make incisions on the breasts and then use those incisions to tighten the loose and weak breast muscles. In the second step, he will insert the pre-selected implants into the breasts and place them under, over, or within the breast muscles. Most surgeons prefer placing the implants within or under the breast muscles so that they can get more tissue coverage.

After putting the implants into the breasts, the surgeon will reposition the nipples by removing and implanting them higher on the breasts. This step will be implemented if the nipples are pointing downwards. Furthermore, if the areolas are large, the surgeon will reduce them by removing the excess pigmented skin from the sides. 

In the last step, the plastic surgeon will carefully remove the surplus skin from the breasts if any excess skin remains after putting the implants. The surgeon will use specific surgical techniques to remove the skin. Once the skin is removed, the doctor will re-drape the remaining skin and then place sutures on them and close the incisions.

The recovery period will continue for many weeks like that of the breast lift. The results will evolve and become noticeable after a few months and when the swelling disappears. Complete recovery takes six weeks, even though you can resume work after two or three weeks.


It can be confusing to decide whether you should get a breast lift or a breast lift with implants. The breast lift is best for women who have moderate or severe breast sagging and desire to get firmer breasts. The combo of breast lift and implants is suitable for you if your breasts are saggy and you want to get back your firmer breasts, besides increasing their size. These two procedures, while similar to a major extent, involve the use of some different techniques. To make a good decision about getting a breast lift or a breast lift with implants, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in both types of procedures.

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