Breast lift with implants: the benefits

Breast lift with implants: the benefits

16th Mar 2019

Benefits of breast lift with implants



The breast lift surgery, known in medical terms as mastopexy, is the suitable treatment for breast ptosis or breast sagginess. Often, the procedure is combined with a breast augmentation if the patient has breasts on the smaller side. While breast implant surgery is certainly not a treatment for breast sagginess, the patient can enjoy multiple benefits in terms of the appearance of the breasts when prostheses are used. A breast lift with implants can correct saggy or uneven breasts, increase the size of the breasts, and give them a better shape with a deeper cleavage. Breast surgery with implants is a very popular procedure nowadays and performed with a high success rate.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of a breast lift with implants, when is the procedure recommended, and what to expect from it.


When can you consider a breast lift with implants?

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, weight gain or loss, and aging are just some of the factors that can change the shape of your breasts, usually leading to sagginess and a decreased volume. When the woman is confronted with breast ptosis, a significant volume of the breasts is positioned under the inframammary fold. This makes the breasts drop low on the chest wall and the upper pole looking empty. The nipple and areola complex is also affected by the sagginess, and they are positioned facing down when breast ptosis is present.

You can consider a breast lift with implants if you suffer from sagginess and your breasts are small and not proportionate to the rest of your anatomy. If you have small breasts and you undergo the breast lift without implants, your breasts will look firm and perky but might look even smaller than before due to the elimination of excess skin and fat tissue and the re-centering of the mammary gland. This is the reason why many patients with saggy, small breasts consider undergoing combined procedures.

You should also know that breast implant surgery alone can’t treat most cases of breast ptosis. Breast augmentation with implants can only correct mammary ptosis if it is a minor one, and the breast implants need to be carefully chosen as to fix the issue and not make it more visible. The recommendation is to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed plenty of these procedures to guide you through the journey of getting the breasts of your dreams.


How is the breast lift with implants performed?

Mastopexy with implants is often performed with the patient under general anesthesia, by a board-certified plastic surgeon and in an accredited medical facility or hospital. There are different techniques available now for the breast lift. The procedure aims to remove the excess skin on the breasts and to center the mammary gland and lift it to a more anatomically correct position on the chest wall. Depending on the severity of the mammary ptosis, the plastic surgeon will conceive the operative plan, as well as the location of the incisions. The plastic surgeon will choose the most suitable operating technique depending on the size and shape of your breasts, the dimensions of the thorax, the size and position of the areola, and the level of breast sagginess. The skin elasticity plays an important role in the success of this procedure.

The plastic surgeon will start by making the incisions that will allow him to remove the excess skin and position the nipple and areola complex in the correct position. If the areola is too large, the surgeon will most likely reduce the size to make it more harmonious to the rest of the breast. When the procedure is performed with implants, the plastic surgeon will create a pocket inside the breasts that will accommodate the implants. The pocket is either under the mammary gland or the muscles of the chest or in a position between the two. Implants are inserted and the surgical wounds are sutured.

Immediately after a breast lift with implants, the patient might feel some level of pain and discomfort. Redness, swelling and bruising are common side effects, so don’t be surprised if your breasts don’t look great soon after the procedure. Normal surgical outcomes can also include numbness or changes in nipple sensitivity, as well as itchiness around the incisions. These side effects often disappear within the first two to four weeks; however, in rare cases, they can last up to two or three months.


Benefits of breast lift with implants

Patients are often curious about the results of a breast lift with implants. The reality is that the procedure will provide the patient with multiple benefits in terms of improving the appearance of the breasts. A simple breast lift will elevate the breasts and make them firm and looking youthful. But when the breast lift is performed with implants, it is not only the shape and position of the breasts that are improved but also the volume of the breasts. As a result, the breasts will look bigger, fuller and rounder, and the cleavage will be more appealing. The breasts will have a better shape, improved symmetry, deeper cleavage, aside from looking younger and perkier.

To enjoy the benefits for longer, the patient is advised to follow the post-operative recommendations to the letter. This means that the patient should wear the special post-op bra for as long as the plastic surgeon recommends it and even after this period to make sure the breasts have the right amount of compression and support. Keep in mind that bigger breasts need more support and a different type of bra might be required. Moreover, always wear a special sports bra when exercising or engaging in physically demanding activities and avoid sleeping on the sides or the front as much as possible.

The beautiful appearance of the breasts achieved after surgery and the benefits of the procedure will also be easier to maintain if the patient can keep a constant weight and avoid weight fluctuations. A potential ulterior pregnancy can also impact the results, and this is an important aspect that the patient should be aware of before scheduling the procedure.

Also, keep in mind that the benefits of a breast lift with implants come with the cost of scars. The scars left after the procedure are permanent, but they should be barely visible and hidden in the natural folds of the skin.


Risks and complications

A breast lift with implants is associated with certain risks and complications, just like any other surgical procedure. Aside from the risks, there are potential complications related to the use of implants, such as the wrinkling and rippling of the implants, implant visibility and palpability, implant rupture and leaking, and also capsular contracture. Most of the risks and complications can be avoided by strictly following the pre- and post-operative instructions and choosing a plastic surgeon that is well-experienced in performing the procedure. At the same time, the patient should understand that there is no way to eliminate all risks associated with the procedure completely and that, in time, there might be a need for additional procedures to remove and replace the implants.



A very popular procedure nowadays, the breast lift with implants is commonly performed all over the United States. Having an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon perform the procedure is an accredited medical facility or hospital will increase the chances of getting satisfactory results after the procedure. The benefits of the breast lift with implants are related to the size, shape, and position of the breasts. The procedure will not only make the breasts perkier by eliminating the saggy skin and elevating the mammary gland, but it will also make the breasts larger, rounder and fuller due to the volume added by the implant. The size of the breasts is directly dependent on the type and volume of the implants used.

To enjoy the benefits for longer, the patient needs to be committed to following the plastic surgeon’s recommendations for post-operative care. Remember that big breasts need additional support and also a certain level of compression while exercising. Make sure to choose the right type of bra to support your breasts after the surgery and always wear a sports bra when performing intense physical activities.

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